Sunday , May 22 2022

N.F.L. Week 10: Score, Highlights and Analysis


Stay here for live results and great events from N.F.L. 10th week.

Dez Bryant ripped Achilles' tendons before he could officially debut on the New Orleans of Saints, but his new teammates made sure they were not doing so on Sunday against the Bengals:

Blitz is furious and well-timed, and kills to the ground. As the crowd roars and the defenders rise to celebrate, the fallen passer-wanders on his back and looks at the first person he sees above: the referee.

What does the quarterback claim? Bill Pennington explores interviews between football games.

In April for the first time in New York the history of the drawing, the four quarter-finals were selected among the 10 best selection champions. It has been considered by many design analysts to be the most impressive new quarterbacks class to enter the league since 1983 when they arrived Dan Marino, John Elway and Jim Kelly.

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