Thursday , September 29 2022

Spain lead coach UFC Vegas apologizes for ‘tough’ conditioning in 40 losses


Spin Ladd coach Jim West found himself under the microscope on Monday night, and he owns his own mistakes.

During the UFC Vegas 40 main event, the lead audio of the lead was captured by ESPN + Broadcast and West, who is also Lad’s boyfriend, could be struggling with a struggling lead in the middle of the round. With Norma Dumont in the final stages of the battle.

“You’re down 3-0,” West said between rounds 3 and 4. “Please tell me what you are doing. You have to throw a punk punch… fight to win, you have to finish.

Something similar was suggested before the West Final round, and social media U. U. hastened to comment on the situation with UFC bantamweight champion Masha Tait, calling the coaching process “abusive” and fighters or fighters who have taken their stand on West’s point of view. They were choosing to share ideas. Went to Laddaw to make a unanimous decision.

Now West has released a statement via Instagram, apologizing for the wave and taking charge of the loss.

“I blame myself,” West wrote. “Even though it might not be my fault. This is not up for discussion. I blame Sue.

“Yes after the first couple of rounds, I might have been a little tight but I know Spain and at the time the technical conversation wasn’t on the card three rounds to be this down. However I own it and am sorry [Ladd] From the bottom of my heart I will continue to improve all the time.

The losses came in the first battle of Ladakh after December 2019. In July, Chiaison withdrew due to an injury, then resumed cancellation on October 2 when the lead betam weight failed to qualify for the fight. She was then booked in front of Dumont in a featherweight contest.

After fighting on social media too, the voice said thank you to Octagon.

Not my night Congratulations to my opponent. We’ll be back better. At the same time, I finally got back there about two and a half years later. Now is the time to step back, breathe, breathe, and return to fighting and feeling yourself here. To the next

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