The next-generation MacBook Air that is due to be released in 2022 will also have a notch, according to the same author, who first mentioned the upcoming release of the Euro 2021 in the MacBook Pro models.

MacBook Air Tail
In a forum post from August discussing the new MacBook Pro models, Lecer Ty98 said the next-generation MacBook Air will include the same mark as the one introduced for the Apple MacBook Pro.

He also said that the “MacBook Air” will look “much better” as Apple intends to eliminate existing widgets. ac MacBook Air has long been a design that gets thicker on the thicker side. The Laker claims that the next “MacBook Air” will have a “very round and light” design.

The rumors in the MacBook Air MacBook Air actually suggest that Apple is designing a thinner and lighter version of the machine with a thin bezel than the current model. It is expected to have a 13-inch mini LED display, multiple color options, and an updated version of the M1 chip.

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