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Young girls are selling drugs to doctors, and experts think anxiety, depression and stress can play a role.


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  • Young girls are showing up with sale doctors, The Wall Street Journal reported.

  • Ticks usually start when a young person is young and worsens over time.

  • Suggest that young people are watching the TalkTalk video with a bunch of people.

Doctors in many countries are reporting that young girls are growing up in sales, and that anxiety, depression, and anxiety can be a contributing factor.

The peak of the onset of pandemic began to wane and left doctors confused and surprised, the Wall Street Journal reported. Many medical journal articles found that young girls are watching sale videos of the men who said they had Tourette Syndrome.

Tourette Syndrome is a genetic nervous system disorder, according to VOA News, and may cause ticks, recurrent, involuntary movements, or sounds. The disorder often affects boys sales and techs usually start when a man is young and then develops over time.

Dr. Kristen Mرller-Wahl, a doctor living in Hanover, Germany, told The Jerusalem Post that she is seeing more and more young and young adult girls coming up with the technology. Muller-Wahl, who has been treating Toronto for 25 years, said that while people who have the disorder usually have their own unique pictures, the girls they sell are the ones they have recently seen.

She soon discovered that these patients were copying a German YouTuber’s technique that shared online how she was living with the disease.

Although there has been no national or international data compiled to the extent of the problem, the Journal noted that some medical centers are looking at 10 of their tech cases for their usual cases. Before the outbreak, the centers used to see one or more cases a month, but now some say they are seeing between 10 or 20 a month.

Caroline Olora, a journalist at Movement Disorders at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, told The Journal that she noticed that many patients had the word “ans” even with a British accent, even for patients who did not read English. Eventually, he found out that a superior British collision would end the word “ans a” yun.

Doctors note that what’s happening is not Toronto, but is a Functional Movement Disorder. They also found the Journal of the Journal many that had developed many taxa that had been diagnosed with anxiety or depression that worsened during the epidemic.

A recent paper by Mary Hull, a neurological neurologist at Texas Children’s Urn Hospital, found that psychiatric disorders, which have the potential to spread, were largely restricted to geographical locations, but social media has allowed them globally. To spread.

Come to the Journal, it’s not possible to watch a video and watch a video develop, but the ticking algorithm means that kids are watching the same YouTube videos over and over again.

“A few kids have pulled out their phones and shown me their take on it, and it’s up to the challenge of cooking those alphabet and alphabetical,” Hall said.

Let the Jerusalem Post say that these diseases can be cured. Doctors suggested that kids and social media breaks and parents do not ask what kind of videos their kids are watching, The Journal reported. Additionally, if a kid exhibits things that interfere with his or her daily life, parents should seek out an expert.

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