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Arrow! Actor Roberto Manrique presents his sexy boyfriend Ferndola 123


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Famous actor Roberto Manrique Presented to his companion Ecuadorian Oliver Rainfoot, With whom he has been a family for seven years. He himself gave details of their relationship, shortly after his sexual orientation to the public about his sexual preferences.

Manrique and his “better half” were the backbone of the magazine People in spanish, In which the translator gave an interview and pointed out that he did not realize in recent history that he lived in the closet, but did not let the press know that he liked men.

Lovers show off their pets ThousandsThe dog, which is part of her family center and love union, was surprisingly rescued by the monarch when she was about to end. They also revealed that they travel a lot with their dog and they started dating from 2014.

Roberto and his partner that they live in Mexico City and Oliver spoke specifically about what he felt when he learned this Roberto Manrique She confessed her sexual identity: “I always knew that, if that moment came, it should be from the faith and love that exists in our home.” In the morning Roberto surprised me with the video, there was a lot of praise and contentment. ”

It should be remembered that the central character There is no paradise without breasts On August 27, he posted a video on social network Instagram confirming that he was dating a man, who created a riot on the media and digital platforms.

Roberto also pointed out that his sex life was not secret from his family and friends: “I want to tell you a very important and very personal, very important thing I have never been inspired by and now I The desire to do so is felt. , And that’s my sexuality. It never seemed important to me to say that I was gay, but I really thought it was irrelevant, that there were other or even aspects of who I am, which is really a priority. I still think this is the case. However, today, as I was contemplating, a little backwards, I have had some wonderful days, wonderful weeks in which I have not identified the unknown that I have and have, and I have been able to go on the long jump. Wes and there I realized that I had not ended my love for myself. “.

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