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By: Manuel Guillermo Ruiz Moreno

From San Rafael Emotional Health School, La Hooda, Carvajal Municipality; The community is concerned with well-being, where, when confronted, conferences and diplomas will be provided free of charge, with therapists and doctors in the area aiming, promoting, promoting physical and mental health. , Since the emotions are extremely responsible not only for the second and the second, but also the first; So one of the changes, the belief, the mental approach, says Louise L. was, can generally heal health.

Beloved living light and light with average love, I begin with this wonderfully healthy account. As the passenger approached Tula, the elder said: You’ve got, O Mexico, how strange and heavy the cry is. Will you ?: To live, do you eat and drink in your country?

The ambassadors of King Maketzoma replied: “Lord, we eat as much meat as we can from the animals that are raised there, and we drink lentils. The old man responded kindly: “

“Their foods and drinks, as well as your burning passions, so they are there for you, very much. They are the ones who will not let you get to the place where your ancestors lived and you would die prematurely… ”(1)

“There are cultures that are considered ‘primitive’ in the world, which follow different cultures and ways of life, without the horrible diseases that invade Western culture. Diet and the environment play an important role in health (2). What types of dietary changes should be made? Save four “white” things from: Sugar rail sugar, flour rail flour, salt and butter (Or it is saturated, saturated and highly hydrogenated ats, such as margarines and mayonnaise). One of the best ways to eliminate these foods from your diet is to gradually replace them with a healthy alternative. On the green, you should avoid consuming tobacco, coffee, wine and meat, details Nature’s Sunshine Guide.

He explains: “Enjoy lots of flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables, grains and seeds. … Naturally natural, from plant to mouth, food is better for you.

The body also needs its nighttime rest and to eliminate toxic waste. For this reason, nutritional intake includes a healthy c of nutrients for every diet. Dr. Robbins described it in detail in the video which can be seen on the wall of Raphael’s emotional health.

Hydrate two liters and liters of water daily with a liter of water, especially if you use fiber so that there is no weight loss in the colon. Possession and evasion are avoided by Rogues. The urine will be smelly and colorless. Being dark and smelly indicates that you are using a little water.

It is also free to change the Attribute. Understand, consciousness, that which is said, repeats, acts, and thinks minute by minute, thus disabling any reaction of the ego that thus steals energy from the body.

With daily and flawless light, enthusiasm renews enthusiasm, enthusiasm, joy, universal love and hope with sentimental emotions, academic news, conferences, meetings, networks, groups and people, thus rejecting the poison.

Enjoy twenty minutes of sun every morning and evening, with as little clothing as possible. This Vitamin D is promoted, detoxifies the skin and corrects calcium in bones. Let’s imitate the dogs.

Keep going and enjoy the scenery for many hours a day which proves it, avoiding the rays of the sun.

When eating carcasses, they produce bug 19 and produce bad cholesterol, LDL, hypercholesterolemia and triglyceridemia to produce heart disease.

Brown This brown sodas do irreparable damage to the kidneys and bones below the age of 7 years.

La Haida, Carvajal, in Trujillo State 10/14/2021.

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