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جي Dollar value According to an NGO, in Venezuela it was up to 4 digital bolivars over the weekend, amid news that health workers with COVID-19 are up to 4,000 wks.

At the time of opening, the exchange rate was 4.15 bolivar per dollar in the parallel or informal market, according to platform data. DolarTodayGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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Venezuela Union Monitor Salvo condemned this Thursday that 4,447 workers in the Caribbean’s health sector were affected by COVID-19, between November 2020 and September 2021.

According to the data collected, 20 states and 75 districts distributed in 75 health centers affected at least 4,447 health workers with COVID-19.″ Said organization on its Twitter account.

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In the month of March, he registered with registered unregistered cases, 628, with a wave of infection that coincided with what the Caribbean country felt at that time.

August second was a month from infections to 533 infections, followed by April 511 and May 501, while in September, 457 cases were registered.

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