Sunday , December 5 2021

Drag Magnoline Lopez Magdalene with Neutral Travel


Some of the donors regarding Talk Against Talk Against Togimio Lopez.

From New York's birthdrop, immediately dismissed Michael McGeo Magdalin in 7 Rails on Ford Center in Hossain, Texas.

Lopez sent his opponent in a dramatic fashion, but Bahadur raised up to continue in the Magdalene war.

Her famous Kazakhstan San Tyifo Lopez. Selbera. Mickey Williams / Chutti Records

Nevertheless, in the seventh, who was not supposed to be nails, after his entire war on the occasion, he was a nail, a Mexican dictator who left him on the floor, but now cruel. Refrigerator made any answer to the entire account.

At the end of the war, his honorary event includes the celebration of his character, which includes a fascinating pirate, make the cause of the Lopez Magdalen Coupe, at least on some occasions, to try to honor him. Tried

In the war, Lopez was the master, but it was believed that he could not respond to Magdalene if he was backward. He was in the full war for the origin of the Hundreds and his opponents did not try to felicitate the direction of speed, boxing, defense, power and the ting movement.

With this victory, after the year's first year's first year of 2019 was approved in 2018, the Olympic Games took place in record 2016 for record 10 for record 10 years in 12-0, while Magdalene went out 31-3 and 13. Was done After a profound career breakthrough

Lopez's conquest hoped that he could join the card since April 20 that in the defense of the World Boxing Organization's Welfare Supporter, Star will be starring against British Amir Khan at the Mission Scorer Guard in Tanks Cordford New York.

With this, blood may definitely be seen in the evening that we will organize the top rank and broadcast the ASSP on the Federal Federal system.

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