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"Dragon Ball Super": The Magic Glass's Story Toriamam's Message Jumps | TV | Series


The day before the jump, the closest mine closes the cosmetic world year of cosmetic world sales, and shows that "Grisha Ball Super"They hoped that this could be a few announcements, perhaps the sequence of the TV series." It was announced that in many ways it can be interpreted.

in the Jump fast, Where there were audiences of the latest movie movies ("Grisha Ball Super: Pimp"), A message was written by Tauriyama, a writer, absent.

"I want, I can be with you, but I am very embarrassed, I'm glad that the movie is a success, Bradley is always popular, so I'm glad to finish me as apparently. Not Tameamama, translated by Shawn Tippo of American newspaper magazines.

One possibility is that "next" shows the new movie by the writer. Nevertheless, however, take translation with Time, as it says, it is a "quick" version. Since 2013, the role of Tauriyaama is creating a plot, which is progressive by the artist or movie artist.

This may indicate the new story of Mangang at the art, though the caretaker is based on the information provided by the developer, advanced, ice cream towers. The focus between the audience is that the story is "Grisha Ball Super: Pimp", Quickly or later television will be configured.

Movie "Grisha Ball Super"It was a dangerous level on the dangerous level of the King, following the story of the bronze at the same level, a child escaped from his own child as a child, who was considered very powerful.

After the destruction of their home landscapes, many decades have passed after finding it, and later, the Saints went to the Earth. Where his inevitable competition with them, Ganga and Saba, became the most powerful of universe.


"Grisha Ball Super: Pimp"Thursday, Peru arrived on a camera in Paris on January 10, 2019.

Grisha Ball Super

The "Jump Fata 2019" announces Akira Torahama. (Source: Twitter)

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