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Ethereum charges $ 430,000 for a failed transaction



October 16, 2021 23:01 GMT

The affected user also paid another $ 105,000 to cancel a new transaction.

A consumer of the decentralized system Ethereum has paid a commission of $ 430,000 in cryptocurrency Nothing, Then Your transaction was unsuccessful.

Was involved in selling the article Daughter of tokens On the platform MISOBut the auction was very competitive and ended in mere seconds, The Block reports.

During the ceremony, the users used Flash bots, A protocol that allows Ethereum miners to prioritize their transactions in order to prioritize their transactions in line of data blocks waiting for authentication.

A crypto exchange makes a transaction worth $ 100,000 and pays a commission of 23.7 million

However, there was a bug in this algorithm. Instead of staying private as transactions are usually done in Flashbots, the affected user can be logged in. Mpol Public, The database where transactions are awaiting transaction verification. One miner implemented it and added it to the block chain.

Since the auction was already sold, the transaction failed with the user without the desired token, but the commission with which Compensates the work of minerals That and it depends on the demand of the Ethereum system – this equated 123 items (ETH), $ 430,000.

If the transaction was usually processed by Flashbots, it would not have been completed in the absence of tokens to get it.

User has taken a user second one deal To buy strips, also through Flashbots. Probably, looking at commission costs for the first time, the users Tried to cancel itGeneral Chat Chat Lounge In order for the cancellation to reach the network, he had to make a new transaction, which ended up costing him 30 ETH (About $ 105,000).

In the first few weeks after the event a Record commission In the Etehreum system, about $ 27.3 million, For up to $ 100,000 worth of transactions. However, in this case the money is refunded by the miner.

Ethereum is making an update that aims to stabilize commissions, the value of which depends. Transaction Value About the system. Recently deployed projects such as non-fungible tokens (NFT, For its acronym in English) and decentralized finance (DFI) Using the Ethereum protocol, these charges are periodically realized unexpectedly Jump to the limitGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

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