Saturday , June 19 2021

Florentino aims to sign more expected return: ready for summer

Real Madrid continue to plan for the upcoming season, making several decisions in the air, with Zinedine Zidane’s future set to be announced in the next few weeks. Borrowing out of the box is one of the issues that will be discussed after the season is over. The White House, Here are some of them for site for the next course in Chemerton. In the first, the Florentino series plans to go ahead with the opportunity of Martin Odegaard and Braham Diaz, With Malga Winger being the real injustice in this section. Spain’s Under-21 International is having a great winter at AC Milan, which is why they will look to take the place under French coach’s command in the next edition.

The Braves’ great performance has been convincing in the Chamberlain against the Jets last week Sister, get a chance for next season The key to Stefano Poole Take steps to enable it The champions league Mengio Over Booking is still to be seen in Bendos Mligino’s return is not guaranteed, though White can pay attention to both of his assets. Which failed to highlight this curriculum Rodrigo Goose Continuing to film at the highest levels in Europe.

The White House officials still have many doubts about this decision, though if the champions get a direct offer for Brahms Diaz, the situation in Malga’s midfielder may change again. Currently, preliminary planning Florentine series Went to stay with the former Manchester City player before passing out See how to drown out events and the final offer that comes from San Seer to stay with the player in the property.

The future of BrahmsDays is currently unknown at this time, though the player will return to Real Madrid this summer with security before making a final decision along with Zenine Zidane – As long as the French decide to stay in the White House – the purpose of the new white project is At least in the chance for the player, Stay in Appointments They continue to be hard on the player.

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