Wednesday , September 28 2022

How sad it was that Shakira says "goodbye" and "thank you" to Colombia


It was a tough tour, but a lot of Shakira teachings. Tour of El Dorado, theoretically, I would like to start in 2017, but when I lost my voice, the Colombian state had to spend one year. Eventually, in 2018, he and his children around the world traveled around his hips and told all his fans that it was a miracle that I returned to his voice. "I believe in miracles," said Mother Two on several occasions.

This weekend, Shakira released her last concert in Bogota, a very emotional recital for two things: she was at home and because it was the end of one of her best tours, according to her fans.

Just when he finished playing Anthology, Shak – as his followers call him – stopped his concert for a few seconds to thank those present for the signs of affection.

"I love you Columbia," shouted Shakira with tears in her eyes. "This time I remember," he added.

The same composer shared this moment with Instagram.

In addition to the concert and the exclusive video of her new song "Nada," Shakira introduced two new projects by her Pies Descalzos Foundation. Two schools, one in Villas de Aranjéz, Cartagena and others in Nuevo Bosque, Barranquilla.

Thanks to the construction of these centers, more than two thousand children will have a good education.

During his stay in his country, Shakira also spoke of the crisis that currently exists in Venezuela. He asked his compatriots to open the door, and he remembered that they also helped Colombia when they had bad times.

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