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“Iceberg is Bitcoin and Titanic is the World of Fighting Money” – RT Video



October 16, 2021 18:45 GMT

In this episode ‘Kaiser Report’ Max and Stacey talk about the many disasters that are affecting supply chains around the world as markets do not stop. ا Is it the product of dynamic economic activity? Or rather a large amount of newly released money? In the second part, Max continues with Mark Moss, author of the podcast, Going About Where You Want to Be and how Bitcoin changes the principles of economic and financial gameplay.

In this episode of the ‘Kaiser Report’, Max and Stacey commented on the recent statement that the president of El Salvador, Naib Bakkel, issued a CNN news following on Twitter, which said markets are at an all-time high.

Max believes that the president, whom he calls ‘George Washington of the 21st Century,’ is correct to say that stocks are rising only because of currency issuance and a real crisis in the supply chain is approaching. “It’s not just a bad strategy, but This is a direct fraud“, he said.

In this regard, it shows that the adays clause is worth reading about El Salvador, which, it assures, will pay off its debts with volcanic bonds from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), because that is the rest of the country. Fat money in quality. , Which is for “Bryans are trying to get like medieval countries about to get along with mud and lichen.

The presenter claims that “Iceberg is bitcoin and the Titanic is the world of finance money”, that is, the US Federal Reserve Bank’s dominance of the post-WWII Washington consensus on the globalized neo-liberal world economy. USA.

“America is on the river”

"Bitcoin is a new decoration for everyone" And it helps "Get around oligopolies" Fiat amount. enclosed

“America is on the river,” Max regrets, criticizing misinformation by media such as CNN. Stacey shared the idea and admitted that she is happy, at least, that the viewers of this channel are not competing with her to buy bitcoins.

In the second part of the program, the presenter begins his conversation with Mark Moss, who works at iHeartRadio. Interviewer Ned believes that the North American country has decided to raise the debt ceiling for debt by December, and thinks they will do so again in the future. “They are accustomed to spending moneyThey can’t stop, “he claims.

Max says we are in the “critical phase” of this “chaotic period” as he calls it, a loss of confidence. Mass agrees with him, thinking that people have lost their confidence in the dollar because they feel that they are losing their purchasing power so fast that they are trying to spend their savings as soon as possible. General Chat Chat Lounge

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