Tuesday , May 17 2022

Infinity Flex Display Samsung screen that can bend like a laptop | Technology and science Mobile phones


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. introduced his long-awaited mobile phone to developers in San Francisco and asked Android programmers to begin designing applications for a product that has not yet been released.

Samsung also launched a new flexible screen technology for its mobile phones "Infinity Flex Display",

Folding telephones would allow consumers to do more complex tasks They usually need a tablet or notebook, but a device that will be much more compact.


The goal is receive comments from critics, because new technologies will require developers to tailor their applications to ensure trouble-free operation when folding the phone.

"It's an exciting concept, and we hope to see folding products from several Android developers," Android Engineering Vice President Dave Burke told Google Wednesday.

"In fact, we are already working with Samsun on a new facility he plans to launch early next year," he added.

Advance payments to developers also highlight a new level of caution when planning products after a costly withdrawal of their Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 due to battery problems that could ignite.

The size of this phone will be over 7 centimeters and its final version will be known in 2019. However, there are still no details of the resolution it offers.

It's said it would cost about $ 1,2000

(Source: El Comercio / Reuters)

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