Friday , September 30 2022

Iroschima Vásquez: If we did not move merchants in December, they would tripled


As part of the city's overburdening, and in accordance with decrees 023 and 024, from the first hours of Monday, 5 November, officials of the mayor's office, Valer, led the Mayor of Iroschima Vásquez, the day of cleanliness on Bolívar Avenue and the junctions from the old Gina to the old tower.

"As you know, Decree 023 and 024 have been signed a few days ago, which allows for a city that has had problems relocating traders for more than 35 years, relocating them and returning to the streets, as promised in the campaign and thanks to Zodi's support security agencies, we are doing this today, "he said.
"We want a model city." Graphics: courtesy

The Regent said that Valarenos was waiting for the measures to be implemented and was therefore accepted with delight. He also noted that all informal dealers are provided with a place in the planned place to relocate, "if we did not do it, it was never done, because then December comes and they will treble and multiply, people will get where they are."

Is there an agreement with informal workers already? Because what is being solved so far is that they will reject the measure.

"We are already taking measures and we will stick tight, will not continue on the street, have secured country to continue to sell from here We hope to meet again to confirm that it does not return In the relocation area we guarantee bathing, details are missing, but we will move forward. "

On the eighth street, known as "ciudad bendita", are there some new definitions that have allowed some of the kitchen owners to use this street?

"They do not have permission, they were placed there when the relocation site was completed, tomorrow everyone must be in the new space, we do not allow informal sale outside the plot, if we persist, confiscate the goods, we will enforce the decree."

In the case of craftsmen, the sale of dried goods and food sales will also be relocated to the same place as greengrocery or will there be plans for additional premises?

"We will have another relocation in different parts of the city, we want a model city with a street that is like a food fair, we activate the city at night with cultural events." On Saturday we did a night tour of the city and noticed it was completely dark, of course we must understand that we have four years to decide that I would not be able to do everything in a year, but we have already contacted Corpoelec to start renewing the lighting, We'll meet with craftsmen and others tomorrow. "
Two new compact truck cars were launched by the municipality

Tank trucks

The Mayor announced that the city had received two new compact wagons, "thanks to President Nicolás Maduro, Minister Erick who took us into account, we are improving and we will improve the service with these two trucks." He added that the resources that had passed through the Federal Council of the Government planned to organize two more urban cleaning.

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