Wednesday , October 27 2021

Real Madrid: A Leader Winds by Courtois


The job of a great team goalkeeper is one of the most challenging in football. Spotlights refer to the Point and Goalkeeper on rare occasions, in which the role of the hero or villain is played. Sometimes it doesn’t, because there are so many games in which saves aren’t overshadowed by the oversized goals. You can be a great goalkeeper, but in order for a large team to be different you’ll have a different paste.

Courtois, once again against Jericho, showed Villarreal that he was one of them elected. Belgian Madrid throws Madrid in his pocket: The second is: the public for his protection, his colleagues for his leadership and the leaders for their loyalty. (Those were the years Madrid has been waiting for). For Forwards on a Winter Day, against Villarreal, Shines They aimed it and he replied: big savings and a third was canceled last year that VAR would have to clarify. There are already three games (eight of them) with a clean sheet this season. In addition, in every competition he improves in his game with his feet, something for which he has never been able to come out yet: 20 passes that he made yesterday and successfully directed to one of his teammates.

Photo de Courtois

Real Madrid’s scoring scoring started with Courtois’s work in the background, Which had a fantastic start to the season, continued to show good levels last year. He is always at work when the team has a day off. If Madrid is the league now, that is, to a large extent, because of their goalkeeper.


Now he is on the ground and a no-flyer, he is usually one of the only ones chosen to face the press when he does not win. Raise your voice by the group, like yesterday when the movie star before the microphone Gill Manzano did not sit on the dance floor for a scary … “Everyone says there was a wrong one, I don’t know if it was a penalty or a penalty. I don’t want to go too much, but we do know where it was flown last week and there was a lot of noise. He allows a lot of playing and gets and doesn’t want to be dirty, “he said.

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