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Should Vin and La Vinotinto play in the Concacaf category? (Analysis) | Football 123


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Once again, the senior national team of the Euro, Yarra, Venezuela is eligible for Qatar 2222 in a new effort to qualify for the first The Euro World Cup.

There is no right formula for going to the World Cup, I hope, that Venezuela will discover it and achieve it. But as difficult as the qualifying rounds are for the South American people, every positive result is a plus for any World Cup event on the road.

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And yes, it is difficult to qualify in South America, there are winning winning and winning teams in the world. Brazil and Argentina, but there are also traditions and history teams like Colombia and Uruguay. In addition, there are a dozen fighters and we can put Peru, Paraguay and Chile. And now the arm of Bolivia Cesar Faras is revealing himself to be a challenging team inside and outside La Paz.

And where is Venezuela?

It seems that South American qualification is challenging for Venezuela, while at the same time the path to qualifying for the World Cup looks very far. You have to be honest, there are problems and solutions too, and if there is one thing for this team, it is that it can happen, and it will happen, but it is not enough.

So we can talk about what, V Venezuela Should Win The Conqueror Qualifier?

A tournament that is often dominant from start to finish, Mexico and the United States. In the second step we can put Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Canada that have stimulated the Central American football scene many times. But there are times back in El Salvador and Jamaica.

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But you should be clear, the level here is very low, currently Mexico and the United States compete alone, and Canada is the only team remaining that can fight against those mentioned above. The rest are a battle only to be taken advantage of to see if a wheel comes from a wheel … Connickoff is less than a comb.

The result

He wants to play in the Venezuelan Connecticut. The answer is yes, of course. Venezuela has already reached a World Cup in Connecticut. If it arrived in Panama within a 20-year process, it was reported for Venezuela as well. If El Salvador has already qualified for the World Cup, Venezuela may have already qualified for the World Cup. If teams like Trinidad and Tobago go with Jamaica, Venezuela may, it may not always qualify for all qualifiers. But he already had one, two or even three World Cups on his belt.

What is clear is that Venezuela currently has no structure to reach the World Cup and if the Connecticut door is open, we will see that it is for the Caribbean group and if the World Cup route is really without paying the toll. General Chat Chat Lounge

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