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The actor, aged 16, has been killed in the accident.

Though it has been over five months Death of Mia-Lakia Naylorجي The coroner indicated that the young woman did not commit suicide As you initially thought It was an accident.

According to a report, the site had access E! the news, Toby Watkinson, the coroner's assistant, said: "He didn't try to end his life."

In that case, the boy's father, the boy's father, told police that his daughter was going through a difficult time.

"I was stressed out by the test. I honestly thought you just wanted to point out your point. I really thought he didn't want to do it. It was the formal beginning of the moment. He was clearly for the future. Plans were made, "he said.

What to do on the day

Mia Lecia Naylor's parents have been identified as having discussed with them a day ago that they did not want to go to any party because she was poor class.

Later a family member sat down to watch a movie, and everything seemed to go away normally. It should be noted that on tape, why a suicide scene.

The next morning Martin met his daughter in the morning, but he continued to be clearly annoyed, because when she took him in, he nodded.

"At 07:30 I was ready to go for a walk. Mia was in the bathroom and I realized she didn't feel happy. She pushed me as a teenager, and I thought I was in a bad mood this morning. She was not an instant teenager. I used to talk in bad mood, "she said.

Later, Xena Baig, the mother of a 16-year-old actress, found her daughter in the tent of her home without a pulse. The young woman was in a hospital where she died.

After several months of research it was concluded that Mia Lecia Neville, who was part of the Cloud Atlas movie next to Tom Hicks, wanted to kill them.

"This means, the patient acted deliberately, he did not intend to die. My conclusion is that Mia Lecia died at Croydon University Hospital due to a blunt stress on her neck, but I think She had no intention of taking her own life. In all probability, I think it was an accidental death, "the coroner said in her report.

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