Monday , July 4 2022

The ignored gold is ready to fly between 2019 and 2020


The price of Thursday is on Thursday $ 1,267 Per unit, came for this journey for more than five weeks and retrieve the buyer's eyes.

During the past few months, American background resumed the background of Laton preciously. (Faiz) Interest rateA donor who has helped the donor but will end the end.

Detailedly, I have decided this week that the plan rate increase by 2019 increased the growth rate and experts say that the central bank will eliminate this aggressive policy policy. In the middle of the year.

"The six-year look at the markets of feeds in the hopes of market has gone out in the weeks. Important element In a report described in "Kitco News" in the revenues of gold, the economics of capital economics are said.

The experts say the feed will start in 2020 Reducing rate Already believed, which will increase the cost of Honey of Honey from the end of 2019 to $ 1,300, 1,400 One year later

Should be together Bad news for dollarsInvestment says Gold-prices, biz's Bob Benelley. "If we believe that the management of the aggressive policy policy has now entered a more inactive phase, in turn, at a cost of change, in the long run To be over"Says the analysis.

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