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The new Fire TV Stick 4K Max is unmatched at this price


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Amazon has released powerful new Wi-Fi-enabled Fire TV stacks up to date, and the performance is remarkable in terms of interface flow and stability to K4K streaming. For 65 euros, the new Fire TV Stick 4K Max gives Google and Xiaomi’s “stickers” wtions in the specifications, and they have. About apps.

Let’s start with the hardware. This is not the FireWire TV stand out from the FireWire today, but it is still easily hidden behind the TV four inches long, three inches wide, and thick.

One of the benefits of the “stick” format is that it can be eaten directly and directly. One of the TVs mounted on USB, especially the wall mounted TV. But This bug needs power, hence 2.5 watts USB ports Older TVs may not be enough, and you will need to power the Fire TV Stick 4K Max with power and direct power using the adapter included in the fire.

گف* Matías S. Zavia / GizmodoES

Amazon still does not adopt standards USB-C, as a Que El Fire TV Stick 4K Max manis the Old micro USB port. Everything was better. With 1.8GHz Quad-core Mediatek 8696 processor, 750MHz IMG GE8300 graphics, 2GB RAM, 8GB storage, and Wi-Fi 6 support (a rarity for this type of device), the Fire TV Stick 4K Max is 40% faster. Compared to the rest of the models of the Fire TV Stick 4K, which was already high.

The remote is the same, and this is good news. I like the one I like about this remote it’s not that it has a built-in Alexa or Quick Access button. To Prime Video, Netflix, Disney + and Amazon Music, but you can control its volume A variety of types of televisions and sound bars. You have to say that the brand is the soundbar and, sound: At a low remote coffee table. Fect report for Televisions that are not HDMI ARC, for example.

The Fire TV is also a stock 4K Max Bluetooth 5.0 LE connectivity, which allows you to configure wireless headphones, game controllers and Bluetooth speakers, including Amazon Echo. In stereo, though, the steak itself Dolby Atmos supports surround sound support 7.1.

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.Photo* Matías S. Zavia / GizmodoES

In the video, the Fire TV 4K Max allows UHD 4K resolutions (2160p at 60fps) and is HDR support, of course As Dolby Vision HDR10 +. This was already the case on the Fire TV 4K, but Max blew the connectivity WiFi 6, so if you have a compatible router, 4K streams will be more stable (If there are several devices connected to the home)General Chat Chat Lounge Do you know which mesh router has only added Wi-Fi 6 support? off course , At 6amItGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Everything is at home.

El Fire TV Stick 4K Max Tabin May Nail POr cable, If you have A power adapter with built-in Ethernet, but this Not included in the box, and you won’t win the most. In my tests, I was stable late 2mm sec connected nail WifiGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

the newsThe tick is sharp, usually. Applications open faster, streamlines faster, you can Install multiple applications at the same time without the need for system access. It’s time for Amazon Fire TV to fire At the height of Too many users.

گف* Matías S. Zavia / GizmodoES

But let’s get acquainted with the applications. Like a table Amazon Fire, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, has its own Android operating system, it has its own App Store. in general, The experience does not change With a lot of Regarding Google TV. The interface is very well thought out and allows you to identify users, parental controls, and so on.

But if you are seeing a specific application that is not in the store, such as HBO, you must activate in developer mode settings and enable the installation of APKs from unknown sources. For some advanced users, but not much complicated for yin.

So far, Amazon has managed to bring Fire OS down Most applications that an average user may want on TV. DAnd did May Install From the menu Initial configuration. so is it so? Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Prime Video, Disney +, DZN, Atlas Player, Mattel, RTVA Play, ClanCYNDI WANG LOVES YOU DOWNLOAD Movistar +, Pluto TV, Orange TV, Vodafone TV, Filmin, FlixOlé, Twitch y Apple TV +, among the yen. There are also some games, such as Asphalt 8, But nothing Rocket shootGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

El Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max Front One Otterus “Stax”

امازون The Fire TV Stick 4K Max costs 65 euros. In the field of “Licks Yoon” (also called “Yix”).Douglas “) Cope with this Chromecast con Google TV Google And The MTVSMark Xiaomi, But both of them are described belowGeneral Chat Chat Lounge If we compare it to “boxes” (or “).Setup Box “), Rivals of the MITV Box S (which doesn’t have WiFi 6), And It is much cheaper than cheyenne Alternatively Apple TV 4K And NVIDIA Shield TV Pro.

As for the rest of Fire TV stickers From Amazon, I am clear. I would refuse 20 Euro Fire TV Lite, because it doesn’t have Alexa, and 40 Euro Fire TV 4K, Because for now it’s slower than Max), And I will choose between 25 euro Fire TV stocks (if you don’t mind watching the content in full HD) and New Fire TV 4K Max (if you want me)Jar Performance on a device Hidden behind the TV).

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