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These Latinas promise not to allow Adrian Paniagu to win


Counting began. It will be a few weeks from the beginning Miss Universe 2018. Miss Nicaragua 2018, Adriana Paniagua, is more than ready for this important beauty contest but has 18 Latinas who promise not to let her win Nicaraguan bellyatteach

This year's event will take place Bangkok, ThailandThe final gala will be held on December 17 and again Steve Harvey will drive driving.

Metro is compiling 18 Latinas to make sure Adrian Paniagua can not win.

Representative of Argentina

Agustina Belén Pivowarchuk, born September 8, 1996, is an Argentine model and holder of a beauty contest that was crowned Miss Universe Argentina 2018. It represents Argentina in the Miss Universe 2018 competition.

Pivowarchuk was crowned as a Miss Universe Argentina 2018 competition. It was Miss Universe Argentina 2017, Stephanie Incandela.

Representative of Paraguay

Maria Belen Alderete was named Miss Universe Paraguay 2018 at the Coronation Ceremony of the Queen of Paraguay 2018 on August 24, 2018.

This engineering student succeeded Ariela Machado and will now be present at the 67th year of the Miss Universe competition in Bangkok, Thailand, in December.

Representative of Belize

Jenelli Nicole Fraser crowned Miss Universe Belize 2018 (Miss Universe Belize). Beauty 26 years. will represent your country in the next Miss Universe contest on December 17 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Representative of Bolivia

Joyce Prado, 21 years old Santa Cruz and 1.91 meter tall was born in San Javier.

Prior to that, she was recognized as a Miss Bolivian in 2015. He is a professional model and tourism ambassador in promotional shares of Gloria Promo, Miss Bolivia. On June 24, 2018, Joyce Miss Bolivia was awarded in 2018 and is now represented in Miss Universe 2018 this year.

Representative of Brazil

Mayra Benita Alves Diaz is a Brazilian beauty model. She was crowned Miss Brazil 2018 on May 26, 2018, becoming the second representative of the Amazonas. He will represent Brazil in Miss Universe 2018.

Days representing Amazonas were crowned Miss Brazil 2018 in Riocentro, Rio de Janeiro, his grand final on May 26, 2018, where 27 beautiful wonders competed for the national title. It was the outgoing Miss Brazil 2017 Monalysa Alcantara.

Representative of Chile

Andrea Díaz Nicolás (born October 26, 1991 in Valencia, Venezuela) is a Venezuelan-Chile model of beauty and beauty that was crowned Miss Universe Chile 2018. Represent Chile in Miss Universe 2018 contest.

Díaz was born in Valencia, Venezuela and grew up in Santiago. Andrea has a mother from Venezuela and her father comes from Chile. He is a professional social communicator and journalist, and modeling can often be seen.

Representative of Colombia

Valeria Morales Delgado, born on January 2, 1998, is a Colombian model and beauty beauty owner who was crowned Miss Colombia 2018. She represents Colombia in the Miss Universe 2018 contest.

She is the owner of Professional Models of Fashion Academy and a student of Social Communication at Broward College, Florida, United States.

Representative of Costa Rica

Natalia Carvajal Sánchez (born September 14, 1990) is a model and Costa Rican beauty contest that won Miss Costa Rica 2018 on April 27, 2018 in Costa Rica. It's sixty-third of Miss Costa Rica, who competes in the history of Miss Universe.

Carvajal is a television moderator, a publicist, a student of literature and a former competitor of the Costa Rican version of Dance with the Stars.

Representative of Ecuador

Virginia Limongi, born January 11, 1994, is an Ecuadorian model and beauty contest champion who was crowned Miss World Ecuador 2014 and competed in Miss World 2014. She was also crowned Miss Ecuador 2018 on May 5, 2018 and will now represent Ecuador in Miss Universe Contest.

Miss Ecuador 2018 works as a model in countries like Mexico, South Africa and the Philippines, but in an interview published in this magazine it explains that more than a model fashion model is a model for catalogs, photographic and commercial TV campaigns. Her journey to the beauty of beauty is not new, she was Queen of Portoviejo, Manabi and represented the country in Miss World and Miss World in 2014.

Representative of Salvador

Marisela de Montecristo, born August 25, 1992, is a Salvador model, television presenter, actress and beauty contest owner crowned Nuestra Belleza Latina 2013 and Miss El Salvador 2018.

After winning Nuestra Belleza Latin 2013, Montecristo appeared on several TV shows, performed at the Juventud Premios, worked as a model for Sábado Gigante and shot in a music video "Fun" by Pitbull. Like Miss El Salvador 2018, El Salvador is represented in Miss Universe 2018.

Representative of Guatemala

Representative for Guatemala, Mariana García, only 18 years old, will be in charge of representing the country. A young model appears on a photo with beautiful red dress.

I study business administration with business management and business. Mariana García, At the age of only 18 years, the company's representative Department of Guatemala he stood up with a crown Miss Universe Guatemala.

Representative of Haiti

Samantha Colas, born in 1993, is the winner of Haiti's beauty contest, which won Miss Haiti 2018 on July 6, 2018. Haiti will now be Miss Universe 2018.

He studied at the University of Notre Dame d 'Haiti. He has public speaking. She is known as the social communicator in Haiti.

Representative of Honduras

Vanessa VillarsBorn in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on February 18, 1998 she is a model and moderator of Honduras television, winner of Miss Honduras Universe 2018.

As a TV lecturer she started her career very young in Santa Barbara with SB VISIÓN. He later worked on UNE. He also co-operated with VTV.

Representative of Mexico

Andrea Isabel Toscano Ramírez, born on November 17, 1998, is a Mexican model, and winner of Mexicana Universal 2018 on June 3, 2018. Mexican winner of the beauty contest is Mexico today in the Miss Universe 2018 competition.

Toscano lives in Manzanillo, Mexico. She studied Colima at the Department of Nutrition and Diplomacy in neurology programming.

Representative of Panama

Rosa Iveth Moctezuma Montero (born May 16, 1993) is a Panama model and beauty beauty owner who was crowned Miss Panama 2018 and presents Panama in Miss Universe 2018.

He graduated in Computer Science and also received a degree in Food Sciences and Technology.

Representative of Peru

Romina Lozano Saldaña, born on November 6, 1997, is a Peruvian model and won a qualification in beauty contest won Miss Peru 2018 on October 29, 2017 and will represent Peru in the Miss Universe 2018 competition.

In 2015 he was a finalist in the Miss Teen Sea of ​​the World Peru and a year later in the model Elite Model Look.

Before entering the beauty contests, Lozano studied business aviation, a special premium. Then he followed nutrition studies.

Representative of Uruguay

Sofía Abigail Marrero Moreira is 18 years old and is a Uruguayan model and qualifies for a beauty contest that was crowned Miss Universe Uruguay 2018 and represented Uruguay in the Miss Universe 2018 competition.

Like Miss Uruguay, Marrero represents Uruguay in Miss Universe 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Representative of Venezuela

Sthefany Yoharlis Gutiérrez Gutiérrez, b. 10.1.1991, is a Venezuelan actress, fashion model and beauty contest champion who was crowned Miss Venezuela 2017. She represented the state of Delta Amacuro in the competition and now will represent Venezuela in Miss Universe 2018 contest.

Within the tourism of ČD Miss Universe participants will visit several locations. In addition, candidates will work together on a variety of social activities and projects to create environmental awareness.

The regional costume competition will take place on December 11 and the preliminary tests are scheduled for December 13th.

The winner will be crowned Leigh Nel-Peters, Miss Universe 2017Some names on some Internet portals already appear. Among them are representatives Philippines, Great Britain, Spain,Denmark, United States of America, Nicaragua and Hungary, Besides.

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