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Using child's expertise


20 November 2018 01:15

In the Bello Monte morgue, they practiced a child's knowledge of the body of the child aged between 3 and 6, which was placed in a pot and burned inside a landfill located in the La Cubana, Gramoven, Catia, Sucre, Libertador, Sunday the morning.

Due to the condition presented by the subject, pathologists practiced anthropological and DNA expertise to identify them, adding information from their relatives.

The Commission of the Investigation Service of the Criminal Police, who came to the scene to initiate an investigation and pick up a body that was supposed to be splashed with fuel, found that the garbage container was a place of body liberation. There were no traces of fire or smoke in the container.

When the CICPC arrived on the La Cubana sector on Sunday, the man who came to the place stopped asking for a child missing after 24 hours. The individual said that the young man found in the garbage container had similar properties to the one he was looking for. The man was arrested for investigation and interrogation.

Once the victim has been fully identified, the investigators will talk with relatives of the minor to find out if they are facing problems with any person and whether the family member is at risk. The case has the character of possible revenge; however, other hypotheses are not excluded.

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