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With a heart attack, women take more than one doctor to society

According to Swiss study published by the European Society of Cardiology, women have an average of 37 minutes more and more to listen to women on one's heart attack. Although this work focuses on one of the centers in the country, the Spanish Society of Cardiology confirms that it is the same in Spanish. And in the world. For example, data from the Burundi Regional Employment (FRA) on the MacBarcelona Infression (OR) (FI) shows that they should have been in the emergency department for up to 60 minutes. They are on 44

Since the heart is affected, it is important since the time of damaging the blood stream since the late and late hours. Once again, after being warned, honey is for both.

Due to the differences of this discourse, he writers of Swiss newspapers take a fundamental basis: In popular creation, men belong to men, while women are also affected. In fact, according to the figures of the National Institute of National Institute in Spain, in 2016, the death of 64,471 women (due to 5,899 heart attack) due to illness of the circulation system, from death to fast (44,320) Death). Men from men were from carriers (55 9009 heart attacks), and from Tami were 68,619 to 55,307.

What is the fact that there are differences between the two? Generally, women have 10 heart attacks after 10 years, because Hormone Hormone is a psychological effect that logically logically, with a logical range.

Furthermore, the symptoms may vary. Typically, in women, the type of pressure in the blood and the beef is affected, usually in men, most of the problems in women are affected by anxiety or anxiety. Other related symptoms are also high, such as respiratory, nisa, ulti, and pest or pain. "The earthquake and the heart attack in humans suffer from pain, but the place may vary," says Matthias Meyer, a skilled expert of Zurich's Trimmeli Hospital, said that work. "People with patience thought of a heart attack in heart and left before the heart attack, and they are common symbols in men. The women are often shattered, packed or patted."

But this mistake does not only happen in patients. The article states that their prospective "may have low tendencies to attribute symptoms for heart diseases".

Mercedes is a representative case of the distortion difference by the Suzanne Sex Sex. "I had spent two days with bloom and clay pain, but I attributed the fact that I had difficulty solving myself." 57 years ago from the grade. Only when he felt pressured in his heart, he was not allowed to enjoy that he was in the emergency room. The situation there was repeatedly. Although she was a smoker – she is not already, "she used every day", "says," and "four hours to see it" because there is no hope that the symptoms match the heart attack. You Once an electronic work was done and the diagnosis was detected, "everything was too sharp". They sent him to the hospital in Finland on October 12, and he gave it to the same night Star. "But this whole time has been put aside with me, and I have the affected rooms," he says. "I have been told that fortunately I was so good before it." After that he has been working for two months. "It just leaves you forever."

In this work, Mayor appeared in his hospital's 16-year-old clinic record, with 46060 patients (967 women and 3,393 males). And one of the results is that even though the overall population of the heart attacks improves, between men and women is maintained between 2000 and 2016, which is the analysis.

There is also a difference in mortality rate: It is 5.9% among women and 4.5 percent of men. But the work of the author does not directly attribute it to the later data of our data, because they confirm that other signs affect more. Mirrors are open to both interpretations: "As expected, there is an estimated diagnostic death rate of illness patients diagnosed with cardiovascular problems, but we know from earlier evolution,"

Swiss doctor is the result: "Each heart attacks your heart. You should see that you have moderated hardness, such as your chest, neck, neck, back pain, pain in which 15 More than minutes, there will be many reasons, fatigue, weakness, respiratory fat or fatigue. "

The first reason for death in the world

Women have to know that they may attack the heart, but the goal of women's purpose for the purpose of heart-attack, the guidance of the National Center of Caretooscos Research (CNIC), was directed by Wallin's Foundation that MOFF Foundation, HHM Hospitals, Hispanic Horn Foundation And the Medes community says that Lucia Ferrandon-Flora, a psychologist of CNH-Hym Hospitals and is involved in his opening.

"It is a heart attack that men are a stable, heart disease illnesses are commonly caused by men and women especially in the world." "The problem is that the symptoms are slightly different, and they appear after men, if heart attacks in men start at the age of 50, they are 8 or 10 years later in women" Fernando Fresira says.

The campaign part is checked 134,000 in addition to advertisements with buses and media, which are designed to increase the risk of women's development. "We do not have to talk about whether iron or tobacco, the style of a restricted life, and the duty of men to women." Risk performance is the same (diet, exercise, smokers). "

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