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6 car bomb kills car accident


On November 23, head of Deputy Security Secretary, Nago Tan, Public Security, head of the police department of Bano Fuku Province, said that the provincial police has been under trial for investigating the investigation. Investigation of the person responsible for traffic accidents 22-22 opened fire in 19 morning in the morning, a bomb and explosion took place, killing 6 people.

Apparently Tank Car Owners

The Bano Fuko police has said that the authorities are harming the authorities, and will be responsible for the compensation of the court. This agency will investigate the case in case of investigation. Presentation, site checkup has been completed, people can clean and repair the house.

Bano Fukuk Provincial Police provides a summary of traffic accidents on its website. The migration accident took place on November 22 for 4 hours 36 minutes, Huawei 13 (Mue Hong Kong, Jinhua District, Bano Fuu Province), while truck truck transport Thach Wonggong is located in the same direction with three cars of the province. . A vaccine was mounted on the gasoline tanker, hit electric electric, and Gasoline's rose was turned into a nearby home near the road, which could be enslaved. Initially 6 people were identified, 19 homes were burned, the truck driver was injured seriously injured in the hospital to the injured.

On the same day, Mrs. Clock is a member of Petroleum Business (according to a home-made home from home) according to Mai. (Provided and supported every 10 million people in the area of ​​the province (Provincial Binh Fuik, Petrol owner of Car Vehicles). This unit will actively ask for home repair, counting of repair, return later. In addition to this, Mr. Li Van van, wife of the accident and two children died, has provided 50 million dollars / dollars of petrol business areas.

Kill 6 people by caring for car accident - photo 1.

Painted image of his wife and children before the pain: CIHH

The result of mercy

On the morning of 23-11, 6 bodies of Muttulul's bodies were buried in the dead Nigai community (Wang Lum District, Wen Long Province). Lane Van Tao (38 years old, living in Hotel 7, Tunging County community) is the most impressed when his name is Guoyen-dum Tum (36) and Leo Van Huang (14) and is a woman named League Kung Kim Ngan. (Age of 6) died in the fire.

Two years ago, he was to scan 50 KW of JCO in Miao Hong Kong (Lunnu district, Bano Fukuoka Province), who had to work and sell for his wife. His wife used to sell fruit sales in front of a plane to include things to work from the west to work for his wife's work inside the house. Two children were taken from villagers to ask their wife and school. About half a month, Mrs. Dude (You) (37 years) is from a village in the same village of the triangle, and her best friend is also ready to sell Kansas and Pekkana.

Mr Tan said: "I called for 7 hours, money transferring my wife, unexpectedly hearing his wife's voice, is the last time. When we arrived in the HEC team, my wife A close friend said that my wife's fire was fired. "

On the other day, on 7am, Tinn was told by his brother, when he made a fire, he brought his lace with 4 tons, and Mrs. You saw 4 bodies were climbed on a corner before the clinic, the fire is not yet acceptable. is the. "No door is coming to the door, front of the arm to escape from escaping. I have seen my wife in a low position, who does not know the correct information to the corrected information to know. Damage is too big, only 3 mayors And after the completion of the children, hope to be guilty then "- did not return to Mrs.

In National Highway 53, Town House is about 1 kilometer away from Mrs. Mrs. Junk's is the victim. Mrs. Chu Ho Chi (Age of 62, mother of Beef), sorry: "You are very close to them, they are two cheers, they call every day, to sell 100,000 dollars from the cabinets. No doubt my child goes on again, Mrs T. You divorce your husband for a long time, two people are in the 9th grade and she lives with Mum. "When my mother returned back, my poster continued The affects are crying, because she did not know the face of her father, now her mother died, she is very serious. "

Take a criminal and civil responsibility

The matter concluded that the lawyer Bio Koko Tattoo, the HCCC Association, said that if the truck driver, responsible for 96 km / h (speed speed) before the start of the accident, should be responsible. Both criminal and civil Usually, gasoline tankers have bought insurance, the problem of compensation is usually included in insurance.

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