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Anger, pressure of pressure


Kill you to share around the teacher's class 231 by law

The teacher slides the student with the students due to the formation of the teacher

As Don Burry has said, on 11/11 doctors, looking for Huang L. N., students in Grade 6.2, said Nine Nine Middle School, said that he was a class teacher, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy (SN 1977), all of the students Students are required to face it to face them. N. By moving the incident to the hospital. It seems that Class 6.2 is 27 27 students, two of which are there 3 students, so the student was 23 friends and the master was killed all 231.

Secondary Secondary School, Qingxin District, Kogin Binh

Secondary Secondary School, Qingxin District, Kogin Binh

Regarding this problem, with the November 24 moderator, journalist Danie Terry, he was talking to you very little about the teacher, to learn more about it.

He said that in the beginning of this school, grade 6.2 accepted the presidency. It is a class in which academic and ambulance is not correct in both. The class is just a student, when the entire school is on the table.

Really after Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy.

Really after Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy.

According to the school rules, class students will also be subject to a very emotional point. To regulate this situation, the principles set out on the principles of principles, if students violate each other's 10-class gender in glass. You do not bother or return back to 10.

"I was in the room today and told the students that I talked, cursed your mother in front of your mother. Before that, I had said that some sort of syrup is slipped, so in some ninth class you I announce to you the INP type, then get rid of it and then find out that the job is wrong, and I know that the job is misleading and partly. The reason is to be used.

Many were young in the class

Students are also talking about NN Silop, Nguyen Trung Nguyen, the Class President said that the Physics 6.2, the Performance Calling Friendship, Friends. You should not just look at the whole class for a while.

Meghin said that 9 to 10 people were pasted in the past, but did not shake you as much as you could.

"You were trying to say that. Many of you can hate you so that you can become very powerful, I do not want to continue to act like a punishment," Nguyen partner.

N. Return to the classroom.

N. Return to the classroom.

Also on the way (24/11), went to school to study Huang Lone's brother. He expressed his wish that not to continue the class, Ms. Thuy. It is a matter of fact that Bhatti family wishes.

According to his parents' novel, the teachers were willing to forgive the Thuy family. The map of the family is that teacher teacher is wrong and promises to make sure that sympathy and will ignore it. What is the subdivision of school and affiliate organizations?

N. He would like this family to be like a student, that Ms. Thuy does not take part in teaching.

N. He would like this family to be like a student, that Ms. Thuy does not take part in teaching.

Middle School Rector Writer has said that she is a teacher of the teacher, teacher of mathematics and technological school. He also met a school board to resolve the matter. Rangers directed by the area of ​​education and training of the district, suspending the school for temporary temptation of Thuy for 15 days, then take appropriate mobility.

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