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Bang C Main Event CKTG 2021


From the draw stage, many people have considered Group C and D the perfect balance group in World 2021 and on October 17, the Group C teams will start in the deciding second third series. However, unlike some forecasts, the Group C situation is surprisingly reeling.

Accordingly, except for the Royal never Up, which is still expressing its power, the remaining 3 names, including Fnatic, in theory and Cloud9 instance, have a chance to continue. However, for many people, the table ticket ticket is often just a contest between PSG Talon and Hanwha Life Esports.

With the current situation in Group C, RNG needs a win and a victory to secure a place in the quarter-finals. It will not be difficult when their first opposing leg is the FNC in the leg series. Remember in the first leg, although Bwipo or Adam made it difficult for RNG at the beginning of the game, the bravery and class as well as the high-mindedness completely helped RNG make it difficult to gain advantage and not be a fun game. to fight. During the group stage, the RPS and PSG may sweep the RNG.

Group C Main Event Worlds 2021 - HLE is in trouble, situation can be decided after 2 matches - Photo 1.

RNG had no trouble defeating FNC

On the surface, RNG may be considered the strongest team in this group, but before the “Iron” art plus Phoenix and Edward Gaming, it is clear that the Chinese representative cannot underestimate the opposition that was fired. Is the But if they win against FNC, RNG will become the 5th name to reach the quarter-finals, setting the psychological and psychological basis for the next two matches against PSG and HLE – the first and second number to be decided in the table.

Group C’s leg will compete against the only one in the inaugural match, with PS PS and HLE wanting to win. The first is to maintain an ongoing quarter-final ticket race (after RNG) and then a mental springboard to stay in place for the key matches. However, the mental factor is also the current weakness of HLE. Remember, in the match against RNG, HLE’s Morgan, because he was stubborn, was growing up while farming.

Morgan’s annoying flash phase

With a lineup where R-Chu Chui and Daft-A are very stubborn names, while the weakness of the upper lane with Morgan is certainly not comparable to Hanabi, fans of HLE should expect that HLE’s “Golden Spine” again, an important match. خلاف against LCK. PSG and hope that Morgan or Daft will not have the “blind” handling phase as in the first leg.

While RNG and HLE are the pressure, PSG is quite comfortable. Although it is the No. 1 seed in the PCS region, generally, in the Group A group, the PSG is the only team in the minor area today, so their current performance can be considered a very good fit. Not to mention, maple, Hanabi or river, are united in good shape. If they release 100 leagues of their ability in a single day, LCK and even RNG representatives will face many challenges. In addition, the “spiritual element” is little, with VCS’s “logo teaser”, also acquiring PSG from the “benefits” of the Vietnamese League of Legends in their next trip to the world 2021.

Group C Main Event Worlds 2021 - HLE is in trouble, situation can be decided after 2 matches - Photo 3.

The “logo teaser” brought many Vietnamese fans to PSG Talon

Almost hope is FNC, but the European team can still be a high dose reagent for teams like RNG, HLE. As in Group B’s match day on October 16, it was Rogue – the team that was eliminated, the name of which decided to be the first and the only places in Group B, while DetonatioN FocusMe’s Arya also made a fake comeback. Match with Standard Sleep Bubbles – Star Wars. However, many people do not dare to expect that FNC will repeat the success of the C9 or “kill” powers like RGE, Nedo, especially when the enthusiasm of the players has become this ome and they are still from the basic ADC. Are upset

Group C Main Event Worlds 2021 - HLE is in trouble, situation can be decided after 2 matches - Photo 4.

The absence of frustration is one of the major reasons why the FNC went down this season.

The Group C situation will most likely be decided after the first 2 matches, but it can also bring many surprises. Choi and her colleagues, along with RNG, have to do well, if they do not want to follow the steps of the names in the previous 2 groups A and B.

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