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Close to the workshop repair repair near Yen Yeni


On November 26, in the Car Repairing workshop, area of ​​the area of ​​Sofa Beds, in the south-east union city, many big bangles come in the south-eastern city (200 miles from the Kangming building), then the fire in the fire is constructed.

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Event view

According to the testimony, at that time a kiss suddenly heard, then drew the people out in the workshop.

Immediately after moving out of the building, workers and people have returned to take out five cars at the time of repair. These cartridges are often designed to make sure that they are partially optional.

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Other business repair workshops are also in operation.

The workshop focused on the size of thousands of muds of clay and ironed with iron, about 30 kilometers long before the workshop. The entire frame of fire was removed as well as the roof of the house.

Inner, many vehicles were not released and it was burned. The whole house was home.


Firm Police No. 3 has been ordered 4 fire engine and many soldiers on the scene. At 23 bars, the fire has been controlled primarily, the authorities still mobilize more fuel engines to prevent mud and stop the fire.

Our record of fire until 23h is fundamentally controlled, not in harmony with loss.

The airline present in the fire fire scene, directing fire cooperation, protecting the scene, told the chairman of the Tung Hye Ward Committee, Lane Marie Tennett, told Koogi district that a carrier in Fire May Tri Ward (named Tin Lim Dino Hen).

"After acquiring fire news, the staff of the Trinity Howard Committee speeded up quickly and with operational forces, to speed up fire control and to fire traffic. Protect the scene for approximately 23 hours. According to the initial record, did not cause any human damage in the firing result, "said Tin.

The deal is clearly being investigated.

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