Saturday , May 15 2021

Deputy PM of National Assembly arrives in PMK

Sends list of XV National Assembly candidates to the provinces and cities introduced by the National Election Council Central.

According to him, General Secretary Ngoi Fu Tangong continued his candidacy in Hanoi, to the President of the state, Nguyen Zhuang Fuchi, who was introduced to Mai City, another city from Prime Minister Pham Min Chennai; Wong Din was chairman of the National Assembly in Haiphong City. In the city of Da Nang, Steno Secretary Wan Wamong.

Thus, this is the first time that the head of the government is standing for election in the city in Ken. In both past and present terms, Prime Minister Enugu Tan, Prime Minister Enugu Xuan Phuc have all been made members of the National Assembly of Haiphong City.

From left to right: State President Nguyen Shuan Fok, General Secretary Ngoi Fu Trang, National Assembly Chairman Wang Deng, and Prime Minister Pham Man Chu.  Photo: Jiang Ho

From left to right: State President Nguyen Xuan Phuc, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, Chairman of the National Assembly Woong Don, and Prime Minister Fahmy Man Chaun on the fourth day of the 11th session, the 14th National Assembly. Image: The gang was

The candidates are members of Polytro, the secretariat has been allocated to several areas, such as: Ms. Truong Dai Mai, head of the Central Organizing Committee, He operates in Bona; Deputy Prime Minister Pham Bin Minh Maheng – Wang Tao in Bay Area; Taran Mahan, Standing Vice Chairman of the National Assembly in Huang Guang.

Minister of Public Security, General Lam ۾ Hung Yin; Minister of National Defense in Dari Nagar, Senior Lieutenant General Fen Van Gong; Mr Tur Kim Tao, Chairman of the Central Inspection Committee in Lao Cairo; Lam Dong, head of the Central Committee on Internal Affairs, Phan Dukh Tark; Mr Ngie Hua Binh, Chief Court, President of the People’s Court, in Bek Giang; Mr Ngwen Chong, Director of the National Academy of Politics HCM, Chairman of the Central Theoretical Council in Kwang Nin; Chairman of the General Department of People’s Army Politics, Gen. Huang Kwang Thanh Hua; Khan Khan heads the Economic Central Committee.

Mr Nguyen Truong Nagoya, head of the Central Propaganda Department, was introduced to run for the election in Tai Nina; Mr. Lee Huang Hung, Chief of the Office of the Party Central Committee in Hun Tanha. Mr. Lee Huw Tring, head of the Central Committee on Foreign Affairs, came to Thi Thien Hue; At stake, Ms. Boo Min Hui, chair of the Central Committee for Mobilization; Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Federal Front, Born Van Cheen-Nichi.

Prime Minister Am Channi.  Photo: Jiang Ho

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Image: The gang was

The Vice President of the State President’s Division was Nguyen Dai An Guan, who was nominated in An Jiang; Chairman of the Khan-e-Hi, the President of the State, in Nam Dinh.

Government block floods for Minister of Justice Lee Dong Long Kang; Eugene Dunn Long, Minister of Health in Wen Long; Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Li Min Hwang in Dong Deep; Foreign Minister Boi Don Son Wen Fook arrives; Minister of Planning and Investment in Quang Tri, Ngin Chee Dung; Dr Hugh ؛ Labor, Minister of Underworld and Social Affairs Born Negoc Thing; Interior Minister Fahim Thani’s visit to Yen …

Candidates for the National Assembly also visited different areas, with two Vice Presidents Naegeen Khak Dinh, Thai Binh Du, Ngin Duk Hai, Kwang Nam In, and Senior Lieutenant General Tran Kwang Phuong Kwang Nagai. State Auditor General Tran Dong Long was a candidate in Son.

Ho Chi Minh City is the place where Central recommends the most candidates with 13 candidates, with 12 in Hanoi.

The third advisory conference approved a list of 205 people, nominated by the central agencies as the XV National Assembly candidate. Of which, the party block is 11 people; State President Block 3; National Assembly Institutions, Institutions under the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Office of the National Assembly (full-time working member at the central level of the National Assembly) 130.

The time for holding a conference to meet voters begins with the announcement of the official list of candidates for the election, and ends 24 hours before the voting time (before 7am on 22/5/2021).

Huang Thai