Tuesday , October 4 2022

Fong-heng ‘suspect’ attacked, police leaders say ‘don’t understand the case’


Accused of assaulting Fong Hong, police leaders told Wayans they did not know about the case - Photo 1.

Ms Hong said she was “assaulted” at the Minha City Police Department during a live stream on the afternoon of October 17 – Photo: screenshot

Specifically, on the afternoon of October 17, the reporter Young online The Ho Chi Minh City Police Department contacted the Criminal Police Department (PC02) contacted winds as the problem became clear that Ms Hong said she was “attacked” during the live stream, this person said she did not know if he was Can make the case. Don’t be Given to the press.

Also on the afternoon of the same day, during the live stream, on the personal page of Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang’s secretary (50 years old, General Director, Vice Chairman Board of Directors of Dai Nam Joint Stock Company), BHong said yesterday (October 16), During a work session on Ho Chi Minh City Public Security Agency, the rules appeared, Mr Wu Huang Yin and Mr. 4 lawyers (2 men, 2 women) attacked him.

“At that time, there was a police comrade, and he called somebody to help,” Hong said in a live stream on October 17.

Mrs. Hang In the live stream said the incident was recorded in the room by the camera. Ms Hong said she was sending a request to the Minh City Police to take a picture camera pictured above and send it to her. Ministry of Public Safety, leaders at all levels To illustrate this matter.

Replace with Young online, Lawyer Le Thanh Kinh – who was named in Hang Hang Stream – said on October 16, that he invited Minh City Police Parties to work on Ms. Heng’s materials to hand over Mr Yin’s property to fraud.

The meeting took place at the Criminal Police Department (Ho Chi Minh City) headquarters, Mr. Yin defends lawyer Ken and 3 lawyers or Mr. Yin. On Hang’s side is a lawyer, Ms. Hong and Mr. Hwang Yi Dong (husband of Hang).

However, lawyers convinced that there was absolutely no case that Ms. Hong was attacked as to the contents of her live stream. Give Working Session 8:30 AM About 13-14 PM.

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