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Goodbye to the designer Chola – who respects Vietnamese culture


Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 1.

Designer Chola With A Famous Image With Vietnamese Brocade Map In Fashion Design – Photo: Facebook Diego Chola

One of the major tragedies is the designer and designer of Chola’s wife and ruck Erin when their husband and father died suddenly at the age of 49 due to a stroke when they happily played football with Eren on the evening of October 13th.

But one sentiment that gave them some comfort was their strong love for the Vietnamese stove.

Chola deserves such love, 49 now that her 49 years of short life, including 17 years in Vietnam, she has spread “a mountain of love” and graciously worked her way up the aisle to this magnificent and attractive beauty. To honor him, he and his family chose the second house, the house where his three wonderful sons were born and raised.

Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 2.

Chula likes to ride motorcycles and likes the greatness of Vietnamese crafts – Photo: Facebook Diego Chola

Honoring Vietnamese Culture from Vietnamese Artists

After visiting Vietnam with his young wife in 2004 as a tourist, after just a few weeks, architect Diego del Valle Cartesas (Chola) and his wife – Laura Fontaine Pardo – were immediately impressed with the land.

Soon, Diego decided to build his profession as an architect-architect, his wife and first child child, to a new life in Vietnam, with a new job – a fashion designer.

The passionate Spanish man traveled from the mountains to the countryside, through the cities of Vietnam in silk and clothing in the villa, to showcase the magnificent craftsmanship of 54 ethnic Vietnamese communities in his fashion work.

Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 3.

This guy always has a bright smile and kind words for a bright blue Photo Vote: Facebook Diego Chula

Every piece of clothing and shirt is a true work of art, from the shapes to the amazing maps it has created of beauty that is seen in Vietnam such as foot plastic chairs, flags. Located in ancient French, iron and steel maps of “old streets of the Old City”, Khoyu van Keck, star lanterns, middle treasure masks, fans’ trees, even voting horse frames …

Chola’s fashion enters life and life, and lives with people, from diplomats and artists to those who simply love beauty.

Chula’s work enters the shadow of working people to open a fashion party for people on the Red River who can only watch the catwalk on TV.

Chola never wants her fashion to be foreign to the people, because it is the Vietnamese people and the rich Vietnamese culture that nurtures her infinite creative energy.

“No fashion designer in Vietnam has ever been able to honor the Vietnamese spirit such as Diego Cartridge del Valle – Chula. His Spanish blood is always in line with the Vietnamese culture to the extent that he has the Spanish Bloodline.” General Chat Chat Lounge

Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 4.

Chola composed many songs and recently practiced singing in Vietnamese – Photo: Facebook Diego Chola

For nearly 20 years, Chola has brought Vietnamese sentiments to design reports in many creative centers around the world, such as the United States, France, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia. Her fashionistas in the fashion world.

Recently, he has also been involved in painting, with portraits of Trin Kang-gold, portraits of ancient Vietnamese women with camisoles and headscarves, the beauty of the face as a vivid painting of a Tongan artist. He also wrote. Music with lyrics in Vietnam

Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 5.

The first Chola paintings were pictures of ancient Vietnamese women with capsules and scarves – Photo: Facebook Diego Chola

Big Tee with a big smile

At Studio 43 Nate Chew, Chola’s West Lake has been a cultural and artistic address in Hanoi for many years. Hola organizes exhibitions, music nights, fashion shows, poetry readings and more for the most talented and individual artists of the Hall.

This studio was certainly a unique cultural place that made the land a lot of rich.

Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 6.

Chola painted his idol – Music Train Kong son – Background of the railing motions of the ladder in Saigon – Photo: Facebook Diego Chola

Chola transforms her fashion studio into a second home for many disabled women. Many of the less fortunate women were born, and many houses were built here.

Piping out of his beautiful “nest”, Mr. Tye is big with a smile, the kind words are always on his hands, he is even ready to walk on the streets for painting and work builds. Falk Tin Public Art Site For Workers In The Village Of The Forest …

He gave “a mountain of love” and then when he suddenly lay down, he also found a mountain of love from Sewanee.

Bye bye to designer Chola - who respects Vietnamese culture - Photo 7.

Chola with her wife and three children Erin with other yen children Erin in her Vietnamese inspired fashion design – Photo: Facebook Diego Chola

According to the family, Chola’s funeral will be held privately, but there will be a night to “remember and celebrate his life and achievements.”

Estimated time next week, the family will update information about the memorial service on the Chola Facebook page.

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