Thursday , September 29 2022

Great position, VN-Index blue-VnEconomy


The market moved stronger this afternoon, starting with strong sales that declined but ended with rising prices for the biggest blue chips. The VN index was closed at the reference point.

At the end of the day, HV Index gained 0.11 points and closed 2.5 points higher at the end of the continuous phase of the order. The increase is small, but just enough to "change the color" for the index. What to say, the increase is still rising.

The blue chips were weaker than the morning sessions. The VN30-Index is still slightly down by 0.04%, as the VN-Index has a large role in VHM stocks other than VN30. In addition, compared to the morning version, the VN30 had 20 numbers down only 8 higher recovery code.

This was the result of a strong sell-off in the first three quarters of the afternoon, this time most of the shares plunged. At the top, some big blue chips were strong enough to support the index, while other stocks gained much slower.

The strongest impact on the VN index over the last 30 minutes of renewal is VHM. This rose sharply from 71,500 dong to 72,200 dong and closed at 72,700 dongs and closed at 0.97 percent. The role of VHM in 30-minute recovery at the end of this session is greater than VNM, as VNM almost fluctuated over the same period, and an increase of 1.53% over the reference is actually 600 dong less than the morning session. In other words, the overall session was strongest, but not at a critical time.

VIC is also in stock for the last 30 minutes. With a fall in the VN Index, the VIC dropped to 94,300 dongs, but climbed to 96,000 dong, which is 0.21% higher than the reference price. BID also improved against the bottom. SAB entered into force at the end of the year, the price suddenly increased from 220,600 to 225,000, an increase of almost 2% and a 0.76% increase compared to the reference value.

In general, some blue chips had a good leap on a relatively help-wise VN index that exceeded the benchmark while other indicators were not. HSX again ended its day with 111 winners / 165 defeated. The VN30 also had eight winnings / 17 losers.

This afternoon, due to the strong sales volume, liquidity has improved slightly over most of the time. Two stock exchanges added 1,561.8 billion VND, up 7% over the morning session. The VN30 blue chips were the most liquid stocks, equivalent to 61% of the corresponding volume in the HSX afternoon. VNM, STB, HPG, SBT, VJC have increased significantly.

Foreign investors increased their net purchases at this session. Approximately VND82.4 billion was put into HSX and HNX, the best since the beginning of the week. Specifically, HSX purchased 499.8 billion units, sold 413.8 billion. HNX bought 10.2 billion, selling 13.8 billion.

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