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Homosexual Lover Trog Quoc Vinh Comes

Posted on social media photos of Togun Kokok Weinham on the last act of Tang Hawk Duck's 63rd birthday.

Thursday, September 12, 2019, 08:35 (GMT + 7)

In the beginning of September 12, the Doong Hack Doc posted a photo of a glowing crockpot on the candlelight for his birthday. Quite a few years ago, when Tung Kok Wen was at the peak of his career, his face was full of joy. Around this photo, a song from the song of Dong Hek Duk lyrics leaked by Doug Dong Li Qian – Long for ever "The bright night is still, the day alone is visible, the stars are still thousands of lives unknown, shining every night … Hopefully people like the star, always will be, always will be. In the shining sky forever …" General Chat Chat Lounge

The Tang Hook Duck was not forgotten by any of the late lovers' Trogg Kok Vision. Every birthday, the day of death … of the spiritual, the smallest part of it, many emotions, sometimes just some pictures express their emotions, friendship. Tong Kweok Wen has been dead for 16 years, but sometimes he still remembers his predecessor, Dongwong Hook. He once said in his personal poem: "Although the death and death of the anthem is still a promise, they will bring an end to their lives, to remain silent forever, despite the difference between Yat and Yang."

Hayek Duck Street shared a photo of Togun Kokok Vinh on September 12.

Hayek Duck Street shared a photo of Togun Kokok Vinh on September 12.

Two men of the caste.

Two men of the caste.

The pictures taken in Truong Kovac Vinh and Duong Hac Duc about 20 years ago.

The picture of Togun Kokok Wen (right) and Dung Hook Duck was taken almost 20 years ago.

Tang Hawk Duk and Togun Kokok Weinham have been close friends since childhood, the love between them soon faded but no one dared believe it. In 1985, the two raped each other, so began a relationship. By 1997, CocoVinh had been in love with same-sex couples. Once an actor in his dream, he also wanted his two-way diving hook-up, which he loved most in his life.

As well as being a soul mate, Doong Hook is also a helper, helping Tung Kokok Wen to organize his work. By the time Togun Kokok Wen was tormented by the Depression, Hiccup had not even stepped in half. In 2003, Truong Coco Wine ended his life at the age of 47, when he drew to his death, leaving behind many college songs and films with his high artistic value; Also happy, good-hearted daughter, ANG's main story, Yuen Chiichi, BVYong Special Co … Tang Kokokwinh died, Dwang Hawk stayed at the fatigue patient's home, to revisit old memories on the old days.

The Togun Kovac Wayne

"Concubine King" ۾ Truong Quoc Vinh

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