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Instead of S660 Honda introduced 476 million


Monday, December 24, 2018 15:00 PM (GMT + 7)

The Honda S660 microphone belongs to a car (carrier), which is just 3395 mm.

Honda Japan introduced a special version of leather shoe editing for the S660 transformation, which started 3 years ago. The Honda S660-designed mic game is built in part of the gear, which is only 3395 mm, and 848 kilograms.

Honda introduced 473 million yang-1 with a slow-down switching game

Honda introduced a slowly changing sports game with 476 million Dang-2

As his name has been observed, the interior of the car is covered with bright leather, with a sunglasses and a dashboard. To separate from other standard versions, Honda's own parcel car gives an aluminum plate with a "TRAD LEATHER" on the center of the guard.

Introduce the Corravable Support Car with Honda 476 million Dang

Honda introduced 486 million dong 4 along with a cheaper slow-changing game

In addition, the general wear hollow also spoils the brush in contrast to the colorful. The customer can also choose from outside of the two colors: White (Pearl Star White) and Kara (Antioch Dark).

Honda introduced a slow-down switching game with 476 million Dang-6

Honda introduced a cheaply affordable vehicle car with 4-7 million dollars 7-7

The special HSAC 60 trolleys are also accompanied by a rotating system, when preventing from moving to low-pitchildren.

Honda introduced a slow-down switching game with 476 million Dang-8

The 660 company is connected with car car support, a 3-cylinder hydraulic engine is equipped with the engine. There is 63 kilograms and maximeters of 104 metric with 0.6L Turbobourg (Engineer Mide Engineer Engineer). The power copies the red drive system through a 6-speed manual transmission or a CD-typic transit. There is a maximum speed of 140km / h.

Before opening the Honda 660 Tramplant Chamber, the pre-sale of potato potato salon in Japan will start at 26,66060 million (476 million million) in Japan, starting in 2019.

About Rwanda, the RCM MAGC is about to study boutique kit

After Jazz or HR-V prescription, Honda will soon leave the CR-V with the actual Mugen bodykit.

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