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Interestingly, the billion minutes in the last minute, the cheapest 3-position position on stock exchange


Monday, 24 December 2018 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

On the back of the banking of strong banking of banking and oil and gas stock, eight eight-losing sessions were recorded in the Vietnamese stock market.

Poor cash psychoscope, a common capitalist emotional, reduced eighty-eight percent in the Vietnamese stock market. By eliminating the 24/12 day business day, the ENE achieved 3.7 points (0.41%) of 908.56 points. Today HSX was more than 3 billion 3 billion dollars on Vajpayee only, faster than recent sessions.

Interestingly, the billions of minutes, the cheapest position on stock exchanges

Market record eighty-eight bits in a row

Stocks in banking and taxes and monetary causes of oil in oil and gas fields were important reasons today. There are 12/17 discount banking codes, which include VCB (1400 VND 53,100 / Winstreet), CTG (Sentinibbean) lost 500 500 VND 20,350 minutes. There are 10 companies of VCB and CD with large-scale capital capitalism. The stock companies are not "quite good" stocks. SSE (Segon Securities) lost 3.1%, HCCC (HCLCC currencies) lost 3.2%, VND (VNDdomatitis) lost 2.5%.

Oil prices are low, "crushing" oil and gas stocks. GAS (PVGas) loses lost VND 2,700 to 89,000 / part. CVS and PVS all sessions close to when the floor price approached.

The market's bright spot was that many large-scale stocks were green again, whereas there is not enough to help get the imports. Vamil (VNM) increased from 3,100 to VND to 125,600, VinhD increased by VND 500 to 74,000 votes. MSN (Miss), NLL (Newland), and Wear Retail.

Interesting last minute billions, 3 cheapest positions on stock exchanges. 3

Mr Tirin Dian Long – Yesho Group Group

Especially, HHP and RD's growth stock helped two-thirds of X-X-Xchinz, Tianjin Long and Tran Van Violet, today even more than 100 billion yang. Finally, HPG increased to 5,500 dong to 30,500 dong / share. Mr Tin Dun Long (owner of HFOFot), owns $ 534.18 million HP shares) today the VND was $ 293 billion, in the stock market of MRL has increased in NRD 1629292 billion.

Interesting last minute billion, the most implant position on stock exchange of X-4 - 4

Mr Tiani Van Quiet – FCC Chairman and FCC Farooq

Specifically, the RS (FLC) was a surprise when the cost of the pan increased, which increased by 2,700 to 41,000 4100. RFJ reserves record in 15 minutes of closing the socket tuning sessions. Mr. Turner Van Qioe-Per Auser has 383.2 million shares, which is $ 3.15 million from FCC 150.4 million shares and RT shares. The result of eliminating these three trade conferences, Mr. Quetta, was more than 1,000 billion dollars today, reached the stock of their assets worth 16744 billion yang.

Therefore, on the Vitaly Stock Exchange, Vist 10 acquired West Indians 10 Imperial people on the front of Mr. Tian Van Quio Tianne Dun Long. The list on this list is No. 1 and No. 2 billion billion billion ninth (Wingerbread President) and billionaire Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao (Vitalian ECEA).

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