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Just correct this section, beautiful nature of flowers


Friday, 23/11/2018 18:55 PM (GMT + 7)

After the transition, the new flowers follow many boys, have observed, but do not meet.

Just correct this section, the beautiful nature of the flowers - 1

Port Veterans of Miss Viet Nam Transition 2018 – Drug Ann

The natural sense of natural beauty from the lungs, officially named Drunken Ties, officially entered the officially Mississippi Miss Tiffany Vietnam (2018) officially on 2018. She is the first transaction in Vietnam produced by Vietnamese doctors.

Three years ago, a surgery demonstration surgery to change this life, because after a long period of time she wants to live herself. She was very unfortunate because she stayed for a long time. "When I was 14 years old, I started my long hairstyle, and then my clothes of my girls came in my girl's clothes, because I do not have money at the time, so let me never steal." I looked forward to staying out of my hair and looking for a little while, I'm going to go out all the time. I'm scared, I went out of the house but later my mother was accepted, but it's still limited to clothes. We usually have to hide clothes outside of women's clothing. He said

After becoming a real girl, Gul Jill Gul is very happy and happy. Every day, she felt more confident and loved herself. In the best beauty he works and benefits in life. Many well-being medicines also provide oven. Yet, till now she is still alone, has not got the ideal model in dream.

Just correct this section, beautiful natural flower number 2

Turn off Normal Viewer's Preview General

Contest with the preliminary surgery, side-by-side face maintains all the true beauty, just correcting the nose. However, she is very much seen in her face, intends to remove the function to restore her original image. In the face of love, the usual heat picture is equal to 1/70 degree, along with the length of 90-64-95. This section was the result of completing the full amount 3 years ago, but most of them still maintain daily by DAI.

To express his manifestity about the reign of the training, the young lady said: "I walk all around to look squeezed and beautiful, I will increase my ride, as I am working with a work market, move my body to sleep and move to avoid getting stuck in the skin."

Just correct this section, the white flower of the flowers. - 3

Dancing That Dance Dance, How To Walk, Slim

As to eat, the second anti-lease allows itself to be eaten, limited to the seat. When you need to lose weight, fast people apply to the following mood:

Norn: 1 Maco, 1 Number

Meal: 2 small sweet potatoes, fried vegetables

Dinner: 1 vegetable soybean and less protein foods such as seafood or meat.

For dinner, the second cats eat so much because it is usually late for night, she needs a lot of energy yet. According to Gulen, one day you will get less than 30 to 0.5 kilograms / days in a minute if you want to practice it. In addition to this, we noticed that eating no water, drinking water, does not eat food, and the oil will keep weight.

Just correct this section, the flowers have a pretty beautiful change - 5

Just correct this section, beautiful natural beauty flowers - 6

Nevertheless, she is collecting scientific food for an effective body

It's the transition to new television channels

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