Wednesday , October 5 2022

Ms Fong Hong went to the police station to work on the invitation, accusing Mr Wu of Huang Yin’s assailant.


Ms Phong Hang arrived that on October 8 at 8am she was in the Minh City Police Department with an invitation to confront Mr Wu Huang Yin. According to Ms. Hong, Mr. Wu Huang Yin was present here along with 4 lawyers.

Woman CEO Dai Nam condemned the meeting, Mr Wu Huang Yin and his lawyers insulted him and attacked him. Seeing the scene, the police comrades had to intervene to control it.

After the incident, Ms Fong Hong said she would request a camera removal and complain about the behavior of Mr Wu Huang Yin and the lawyers’ team.

Phong Hong Police Station Woo accused of assaulting Mr. Wu Huang Yin's lawyer, acting at the invitation - Photo - Photo 1.

Also, the Criminal Police Department of the Minh City Police Department (PC02) said that it was investigating and verifying Ms. Heng’s guilt, fraud on Mr. Yin and misusing Russian property on the proper property. The allegation was discovered in May, 2021. Ho Chi Minh City and some provinces.

On July 18, the Investigation Police Agency issued a ruling that temporarily suspended the non-processing of offenses due to the time limit for investigating and verifying sources of crime, but no results. Results were not available. Until now, as a result of the inspection, on September 20, the Investigation Police Agency issued a decision to restore the criminal information system so that investigation, verification and explanation could be continued.

Phong Hong Police Station Woo accused of assaulting Mr. Wu Huang Yin's lawyer, acting on invitation - Photo - 2.

Ms Nguyen condemns the case of Phuong Hang, the “medical doctor” Wu Huang Yin received from the public.

According to the condemnation, through the press, Ms. Nguyen Phuong Hang knew that Mr. Yin had many healing activities and many charitable and social activities. During the meeting with Mr. Yin for the treatment of the sick in Beam-dong, Ms. Hong and Mr. Hen-aye Dung (Dong “lime-cut”, chairman of the Dai Joint Stock Company) assisted Mr. Yin in charitable activities, pagoda building, and so on. General Chat Chat Lounge Help storms and floods take billions of billions of dollars. According to Ms Heng, during these activities, she discovered that Mr Yen had misused her and her husband’s trust to make used sales and proper property, so he filed a condemnation.

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