Saturday , May 15 2021

People again stop the ‘Monster Driver’ clip by filming the spectacularly well-trodden Cheng’s route to the ‘test’

“Driver” blocks Trongong Chinh Street on the afternoon of April 18, the afternoon of April 18 to test the speed with which pedestrians are offended – Video: NH

Late 18th, source of Youth online Confirmed that many “Monster Drivers” are blocking the drive to flood Cheng Street, the “storm” in the middle of April 18.

Accordingly, that same evening, on the social network of Facebook named NHD, a personal account posted a video of a dash cam that lasted more than 1 minute with several “monsters” riding “levels” on cars. Sister scenes were recorded. Moon Street (Section Passage District 12, Ho Chi Minh City), from the Jam Long Bridge to the intersection of Ann Swang for daytime racing.

People again block driver clip of Truman Chinh Street - Photo 2.

Residents on Tong Cheng Street blocked by “Monster Driver” group to counter speeding posting on social networks – screenshot

The video received public attention and the majority of the commentators condemned the focus of this group’s legislation.

According to the video description, on the same day 14h13, dozens of “Monster drivers” and a group of teenagers gathered on “Tornado” Channing Street (District 12) to block the road in the high lane and then boarded the “competition” Speed, kill on the way … Exit “Tiger” activists cry out loudly to encourage youngsters to go “storm”.

The camera picture shows the group running both high cars and trucks on the runway. The group is lined up in a large lane, most of these cars are plated with plate tape, masks.

People again block the driver's clip of the spectacular photo in Tang Chen Street picture 3.

The group bravely blocked the highway from China Street, District 12 in Tron, to the “race” from the photo cut.

As mentioned earlier, on the same Sunday, There is also a Facebook social network called KLV, which posted about 1 minute and 30 seconds of video, recording dozens of “Ghost Drivers” blocking the streets of Nguyen Van Linh for “singing” in the middle of the day. is the.

Dozens of “Monster Drivers” and many “Stormtroopers” stop the big queue on Ngoi Wan Lin Street for a ride to April 18th: KL

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