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Quaint Doll 23: Was burned, Quynh's hot & quot; deserted naked & quot; again Fun


Quinh's jealousy was not expected to trade, so Vu called Thinha to his home. Vu also gave Thinh the picture of Quynh, who photographed sexy when he first entered Tiantai and asked Thinha to believe again. Vu said that Quynh had influenced the company's image.

The business manager is Quyen, but he can not help, but he tells Thinho about the anger – that the customer has to come to the store to meet and photograph Quynh after watching the clip of jealousy.

Quaint Doll 23: Evaporated, Quynh Hot Quynh when requesting a new job

Thinh called Quynh to work. He just opened the door, Quynh told Thinh that he knew what he meant that Quynh had influenced the trade that this place was no longer suitable for Quynh. "I'm sorry, but the status of the brand is not for the individual that is affecting it." Thinh did not hesitate. Quynh said he would make an immediate ride without affecting anyone.

Before Quynh left, Thinh gave Quynh three months' salary and said the company had been compensated for terminating the contract before the scheduled date and was right for Quynh. "I hope you find the right job, I will be firm in all circumstances," Thinh said.

Quynh's Doll 23: Quit Job, Quynh Hot Dao continued to use words for Quynh

When Quynh leaves the store, Quynh wanders in the street with a moody mood. She admitted silently that she had been used to defraud before, and knew she had to pay for it. However, after Thien Thien broke, Quynh attempted to start again, shaking the past, but the past was canceled again. Again she felt deserted, deprived of her beloved and little hope. "I'm so naive, the illusion that the past is past, his eyes, his clarity allowed me to understand all of them, no longer hope to be happy," Quynh said.

But it has not yet been completed. Dao Da Lan, after meeting with Kien to meet Quyn, not to inform the situation, but only to ask Quynh the next time she does not know is known. "I saw that I was with you and thought I would join you. Dirty people are dirty alone, do not hold people," Digger.

Quaint Doll 23: Evaporated, Quynh Hot Quynh faced evil guys to humiliate them

Quynh once again found a way to apply, but the situation she had encountered caused her to lose her. When Quynh did not accept, the owner cursed her and chased her. In an unjustified event, Quynh was preparing her before she cast her face in the face of a terrible master to offend her inappropriate. "Why do not they give me a way to live? Why everyone has the right to swallow me, Quynh suffers with amazement.

The cottage owner twice went to Quynh's room to moan. It was not the first time, the next time Quynh opened the hall, Quynh fought a hard fight and even held a knife. Nghia and the old boy tasted a few fingers at the time. Quynn quickly cleared the area.

Quynnh Dolls 23: Burning, Quynh Hot I refuse Thinh

An unexpected event emerged from Queen's stepfather. He went to the Quynh store to say that the family would find Quynh to teach more. He also went to the inn and found Quynh when she left. The owner also used Quynh's allegation that she had brought her son to the room, had to be released, found that she was also punished.

After Quynh asked whether I could handle My Wolf or not, Quynh initially hesitated, but when he encountered a lot of tedious situations, in an impulsive moment called Nghia. Nghia temporarily brought Quynh to his brother's temporary home. During the interview, Quynh said she also had the ability to do things in the past. Country and pay for using the shields in the face of the women who trample it, or it's a bad old host.

Quynnh's doll 23: Burned, Quynh bitter Though they do not want to recall the past, Quynh can not avoid it

Quynh said he only regretted missing out on his son's novelties, he was no longer enthusiastic about this life, but he thought he hoped the baby again. Quynn questions about love, Thinh, Quynn asked sarcastically, "If you do not accept it".

After Quynh left, Thinh returned to find Quynh and invited her to dinner. Even Thinh was confidential, stroking Quynhin's hair and telling her to look directly at Thinh's eyes. Quynh tears roll, reluctant Thinh gesture friendly to himself.

Quynh's doll 23: Burned, Quynh bitter Lan's disease has no signs of optimism

Lan, Lan's family was alone in the cemetery. Lan's brother brings rice daily. Lan refused to eat his brother out of patience, using rice and vegetables in his mouth. Earlier in an interview with Quynh, Nghia mentioned Lan's visit, but the family had a special attitude. Thinking about meeting Lan.

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