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School principal is a fine teacher whose explicit standard is explained


At Quan Ninth Secondary School, the conviction of Qinqin officials was killed, where teachers asked the students to kill their own. Photo: Hong Tai

Qingx zen is the district authorities Punish others, Duy Ninh was a secondary school, where the teacher slapped the school. Photo: Huang Apple

On November 26th, the students of Kangi District (Quang Binh) grades 6.2 continued to work with some students, the case to describe two new secondary schools (case councils) Misfortune and disgrace of others. In addition to this, be sure to return to school with boys, mobilize and play with friends.

341 students divided into nine courses, second grade second. Specifically, four classes in tote 4, students should be moved from the primary school. "In the early school, schoolgirls were not with a comprehensive study of grade students, because of different levels of school 1 and 2 reviews," Familie Lee said.

Depending on the feelings of the class, schools, stars members, joining the first and last hours, cleaning, bicycle areas, other materials are included. 10 points and cut dogs are broken in case of infringement. A team of greed was set up by the school students to identify emotions among the students. In this standard, picking up five points was over, min 10 point in the event.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy (41 years old) was first in the New Secondary School in 1999-2000. One year later, Thuy Hai was transferred to the Secondary School and the school year moved to Donney New School in the beginning of the year 2018-2019.

On how many active, naughty students are considered grade 6.2. From the beginning of the year, grade 6.2 is typically 9-10 degrees, erosion of school competition. It takes the most stringent type of class in this category. "In the month of the meeting, the school greatly encourages Thuy to take an appeal to improve the quality of the class," Lee said.

There were two classes in the teacher's class, in male teachers that "many students continued to consistently continuously learn, shrink." Teacher in front of the teacher, the teacher said, "It is often late late," there are many attempts to strengthen the class. " She told the punishment that the game time, some naughty children, devotion and swords on swords were sentenced to just a few minutes and escaped.

The classroom is empty because in grade 6.2 many students are invited to work with councils convinced authorities. Photo: Hong Tai

The classroom is empty because in grade 6.2 many students are invited to work with councils convinced authorities. Photo: Huang Apple

The teacher said that "the sentence was punished," Leeen said that the knowledge of the student and the new thing has ended from one week. Headmaster accepts that is a wrong way, teacher. In the beginning of the school startup, the school needs to perform all the teachers with different materials, including "the students are not broken or injured". Assessment of teachers consists of many factors, not at the creative level of the class.

In Dushanbe in November 19, the students were packed in front of the Hogang Long Japanese in front of the news, 23 asked the students to kiss Japan. Everybody will leave you 10, if the script script will turn out.

In the sentence of punishment, the Japanese once again rushed and one side was killed. The part of your process of processing was just part of the process of removing the Japanese, then get out.

Later Japan moved to the hospital for treatment. Ms. Thuy had mistaken his job, and his parents were forgiven. Thing said that due to "punishment" due to anger and competition. At this time, she was suspended for explaining the case for 15 days.

The lawyer Call Wang Haini (director of Kung-e-Khan lawyers Association, Thua Thien Hue Bar Association) said that if the result of wound examination showed 11% or more of Japan's loss, the teacher was punished. Common injury

If you do not meet the above conditions, the teacher will be punished for the offense Punish othersBecause the relationship between the teacher and the student depends on the opinion. Physical pain shows intensity through intensity and duration. In this conviction, according to Article 140 of an article according to Article 140.

Coaching Bingo Provincial Committee Committee Secretary Hong Dong Quang has been instructed to "verify 231 students of the students in the face" and to be strictly reported before 5/12.

Mr Huang Dong Quang said that he violates the teachings of teachers, influencing the images of respected, credible, educating, and promising rapidly in social opinion.

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