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Students of pupils at Danang University of Foreign Languages ​​take students to the spa


– The male students "admitted" turned on four women bathe and go to the toilet and transfer to the others.

This morning, November 7, Nguyen Thai Trung, head of study at the Foreign Language School (Da Nang), said he had asked the police to clarify the story of a school boy about bathing in the cloakroom. military education.

Mr. Trung said there was a video on the student's scene and another person is "admitted".

In the video, a male student of N.T.M.H with military clothing admitted that he had shot four girls in a tub and left for a toilet on November 1. Later, the student will upload videos of one of the four girls to N.V.N (SMN 2000), another student in the school.

A man of foreign language school thirsty bath
Male students on the left are turned, right is the recipient of the clip. The two promised that the clip would not be given back to the girls in the bathtub

In the video confession, two male students promised not to provide a clip unless they were dealt with by law.

When receiving incident information, Da Nang foreign language school forced two boys to write a message.

But in the report, male students confessed that only a sneaky person, not four people, like a "confession" video.

As the incident was serious and the information between the two students was not unified, the school had written documents for the city police.

Nguyen Thai Trung added that the school would base its findings on the police before the boys were dealt with.

Please ask the responsible page of a friend's post kiss clip "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Please ask responsible page post clip girlfriend kiss friend

As for the girls dying after their boyfriend's kiss in class, the Nghe An Province's Ministry of Information and Communication sent a written request for scrutiny to the Ministry for Information and Communication to view and process the page.

A girlfriend of grade 11 committed suicide because of her boyfriend's clip "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Grade 11 student suicide for a clip made a friend kiss

Before her death, the 11th grade girl wrote letters to apologize to her parents.

The original conclusion of the action against the applicant student "width =" 145 "height =" 101

Initial conclusions about the faculty of law bothered the harassing student

Conclusion of the VNU Hanoi Law Faculty that there is not enough evidence to prove that Nguyen Hung Cuong has a relationship with the girl and makes this girl pregnant.

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