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The Great Cotton In The Last Week: Two Billion Dollars To Sell For The Mickey Into Some Month By Month


Sunday, February 3, 2019 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Hoang An Gia Lai Bao Duke, which is the net income of the quarterly quarter of 3% 2018 during the same period of the previous year's International Joint Stock Company. This number has played a significant role in selling fruits of fruits, peppers and rubber laxes.

Strong progress, German election companies still disadvantage due to their interest

Hong-e-Gia Lai Agricultural Coal Stock Company (STOCK Code: HHN) has announced financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2018 that the company's net income was estimated at approximately 891 billion during the same period for the same period.

The increase in sales of rubber-xx in addition to increase in 181 billion honey and pepper sales increased to 168 billion.

While in the fourth quarter, the HNG still damaged the $ 346 billion tax tax. Due to the description of the HD, some expenses related to business activities are due to high interest expense and group removal.

The Great Family In The Week Of Last Week: Challenges To Sell Sachin Billion To Some Billion Months

The net income of the German company in the fourth quarter of 2018 last year was $ 891 billion in the same period last year.

By the year 2018, ONF net income increased by 11% over the previous year, but compared to net profit target of $ 596 billion, 150 billion dollars, 64.6 billion dollars, which is less than profits.

Recently, the NNG announced the advancement of the use of the capital received from the proposed converted bands in 2018. It is a matter of concern that HAGL Agrique has been sold in Trang High in August, up to $ 2,217 9 billion. With this amount, Hill L. Escrowco took $ 1028 billion dollars in 5,275 hectares of vegetables and spent 109 billion rupees on 109 billion peppers.

After a terrible trade, spend $ 1.5 million to get "Bass" USSS branches of the Vietnamese entertainment industry.

Yes 1 (YEG) has bought a right of USD 1.55 million and stock purchase for 100% of the short-term asset assets.

TMG Thailand Thailand is a TVTV channel channel network (MCN), which is very popular in the country over 580 channel YouTube.

On YEG, the asset block will help you $ 2-3 million for the first two months in the first 12 months and $ 2-3 million from 2 years to $ 7 million.

Not long ago, US Network announced its completion of 100% scale labs with a series of NYN stars and world's largest branches. The deal is equal to $ 20 million, which is 12 million rupees.

Scale Lab is popular in the name of Joe Jupiter's house, Jim Donald (Aka Missbist), Marilya Marro, Erica Kessel, Kitty Fajj, and many other popular YouTube stars. After conservation, the number 2 of the world is hoping to create approximately 7 billion views of the YouTube channel system of H1.

"The King of the Nation" began to praise the earth

According to a business report from October 1, 2018, Hao Sain Group received net profit of $ 7,545 billion during the same period last year, on the basis of January 31, 2018, the Hye San Group's SSC (ESCS: HS) last year.

In addition, the cost of Hazel goods was up to 6,938 billion (in the same period last year 6705 billion), the company's overall profit was $ 607 billion, compared to 11181 billion dollars in the same period last year. Is very low .

Large families sell hundreds of billions of billions in recent months: in the months of the selected months. 2

Yes, there were net profit of 60.6 billion dollars in the previous months of 2018, thanks to the sale and sale of factory assets.

More than 116 billion dollars, except for sales and management expenses. Nevertheless, waste of assets and assets worth almost $ 218 billion is almost lost due to the ASS assets. Along with that, Hao san saw pure profits of $ 60.6 billion, but still 82% was left.

Hua San was on December 19, 2018, with a decrease of 7% lower than the start of the total assets at $ 19.834 billion. Yes, it takes $ 12.77 billion in debt, which is 15% lower than the start of its start.

Mr Turn Dun Dun Long's Hao Phat has reported the rate of interest in the year's end

YesFat Group (HPG) has announced business results only with $ 14 billion in its earnings, which is about 14% increasing in the same period of the previous year. While this was just $ 177 billion after the target clarification tax profit, the previous year dropped 27 percent during the same period last year.

This is the first part that High Speed ​​Affiliation has been reduced from 3 3 thousand, 2017 to 2 billion billion. In recent quarters, YesFoot Although VNN achieved more than $ 24 billion in tax revenue.

However, the total income of the group was 21.5% of the total year of 2017 billion, while 21% increase in 21% by year 2017. The weekend profit tax was 7.6 billion dollars 7 thousand billion a year ago. The increase in profit is below 2017. In the first half of 2017, the HF income tax rate was more than 20%.

YesFoot still holds No. 1 position in the Vietnamese steel industry. Construction Fold and Steel Pipe Hoofe has two lists, 23.8 percent and 27.5 percent market market.

The Big Family In the last few months of the selected months, sales of hundreds of squares to hundreds of billions. 3

4/2018 HMF was only achieved, the 27 percent reduction rate was 1.77 billion dollars compared to the same period of the previous year.

Year-end Restore Cancel Tracks could not be saved

Coco-Cuong Guai has issued joint stock company (QiI) with more financial indicators only to the fourth quarter of 2018.

In this period, the income increased to $ 213 billion, which increased 63% in the same period of 2017. The CCC's last tax year was 5 billion 55 million, which was 86 percent during the same period last year.

However, the CCCC annual income is only 732 billion, which is 15 percent less than 2017. In addition to this, EBT increased from 106 billion yuan, less than 79%, equivalent to 33% of the year's plan. The profit after tax was only $ 95 billion, less than 76% was less than last year.

As of 31st December, 2018, the CSE's inflation was $ 780 million, with actual assets of $ 7,020 billion. So far the CCC's total assets reached 11,000 billion dollars, worth a $ 6893 billion worth of loan.

In 2018, Coco Cuong Ho Chi Naih B District Phuoc Kien involved in the plaza to buy the public land of Tan Thuan Company. This country was later returned from the city.

At the end of the year, the lady builds more than 250 billion DVDs from a single tube

Market market increased slightly in the last season of the Mueont-Year.

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