Sunday , July 3 2022

The results of Bang Duong Dinh Van, on 24/12 at 18:00


This is Nang San Baong Duong


What are you doing? Li Wan Wong Hong, ian Wan Huan, Dong Anh Teng, Engin Thohe Hha, Fan Wang Long, Huang Mata Tam, Robert D Souza, Emily the Di Salva, Ghong Chen, Family Mang Hing, Seller Claire Macic.

Heroes ben dong: Tinkunk, Tan Tai, Dong Tongue, Tinging Tin, Do not Know, Van Wyn, Don Hong Mac, Rootro, Clobe, Checco, Sec.

Time: 18:00 BAG 24/12

Place: Jho-da Stadium, Bano Dong


Both Binh Duong and Da Nang are not performing the best in 2019 in BTV Cup friendly tournaments. Dong failed against 1-4 HAGL in the first match, Baemix Bin Dung had to wait till the last minute. Simply Create Segments In terms of sports estimates, Bahe Doyong is a team, which has been highly appreciated by the ability to hit a collision, when Dang still disagrees with physical and physical conditions. Additionally, for the benefit of the home, a success must definitely be done, which is the purpose of the Chen army's army.


Binh Duong: (Waiting for updates)

This Nang: (waiting for updates)

Birth: Bian du 2-1 Dong

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