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The war between the "long feet" Hanoi's streets, the people who are in the middle of the road, are incomplete


Monday, December 24, 2018 17:11 PM (GMT + 7)

On December 24, in the Dawn Dynasty of Nine Street Area, Koogai District (Hanoi), there was a scan between a group of young girls.

& # 34; tall between the tungs and # 34; mortar clan; poor person near the road

Qureshi is located near the road (Source: Geodiversity)

In return of the PV, in exchange of PV, Dong Wang Ward, a police leader of Dauyu District, Hanuni City was confirmed and it was said that the unit investigates and explains a scandal that is a girl Comes into trouble. Ward in the province.

On December 24, on December 13, there was a fierce clash between the people of one of the group's groups in the Han Dong County, Dong Wing Ward, Qi Gai District, Hanoi City area. All young girls are

After fighting with a shattered girl, slippery (white shirts) was truncated at the diving nail gall. This event only ends when a person interfere with the time and tells the verbal forces.

& # 34; tall between the tungs and # 34; mortar clan; poor person near the road

Two girls have been told to be involved in the fight with the victims who have taken the police commandor.

Really appeared in the later scenes, starred the Dutch Wing Ward group, and invited the girls (at the Officers) to the two girls in Pinky Shirts and sent for the practice to take a victim to the hospital. Health.

At present, this case is being investigated and by the Dutch Wing Ward Police.

To prevent her clothes in a female room, avoid being harassed by the woman

Throwing her husband's husband in the room room, wife and her kinsmen with her hair and pulled out the girl and threw her pants.

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