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U23 Vietnam defeats Ky Kyrgyzstan 3-0 before qualifying for the AFC U23 Championship of 2022


U23 Vietnam defeated Ky Kyrgyzstan 3-0 before qualifying for the 2022 AFC U23 Championship - Photo 1.

Fire to do Kyrgyzstan final fire test to attend U23 Vietnam 2022 Asian U23 qualifier – Photo: VFF

U23 Vietnam played regularly before the start of the match with short coordination in short distances. However, when the ball crossed the midfield line, the close of the Kyrgyz U23 players caused the students to lose coach Park Heng Siu and pass incorrectly, so they did not create a dangerous situation for goalkeeper Tokatayev’s goal.

Although goalkeeper Van Chauen did not play in the 29th and 32nd minutes to save the ball in pushing situations with the flying conditions of the players, the U23 Vietnam was shaken after the Kyrgyz U23 striker’s dangerous shots.

After those situations, U23 Vietnam played well and opened the scoring on the left wing after arranging a beautiful attack.

In the 37th minute, from the left-wing pass of Lee Van Zwan, Li Xuan Tu entered the penalty area to pick up the ball and was cut by defender Athlete Norlan. The referee pointed to the 11 meter mark and Lee Van Doo easily fooled goalkeeper Tokatayev, opening the score for Vietnam U23.

At the halfway point, coach Park Hwang made four changes to Seo 4, including striker Tran Van Dyke into the field. And just minutes after the appearance, Tran Wan Island shined to bring home a 23-purpose U23 for Vietnam.

In the 51st minute, from the quick phase of the Ka-Yung wing, the Trans-Van Dats penalty zone ended there with two U, Kyrgyz U23 guards. In a position to face the goalkeeper, Tran Van Bout easily defeated goalkeeper Tokatayev with a cornerback, scoring the score for W-0U 2-0 U23 Vietnam.

The victory was completed after 9 minutes for U23 Vietnam and the scorer for U23 Vietnam still scoring a 3-0 victory was still striker Tran Wan Dats who with a narrow left hand shot after a tight angle from tight angle to Van Y Wing Lee. Van’s. To do

At the end of the training tour in the UEA, the U23 Vietnam made a draw and a draw. On October 27, U23 Vietnam will play the first match against Taiwan U23 in the 2022 Asian U23 qualifier.

Starting Series:

U23 Vietnam: Quan Van Chuan, Quang Vinh, Viet Anh, Thanh Binh, Van Xuan, Bao Toan, Van Cong, Hoang Anh, Hai Long, Len Van Do, Xuan Tu.

U23 Kyrgyzstan: Tokutayev, Aki Baliyev, Adil Nurlan, Skarov, Aman Zhan, Zhaparov, Sharshenbekov, Borobayev, Knebekov, Tapayev, Aartibayev.

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