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ust Rendezvous shops ن Return to sales after a period of no more than weeks and a new normal


Looking forward to serving you on the site

Cream Huang Beef Vermicelli (Phan Van Terry Street, Bin Don District) is open for take-off since the time it was applied to Ho Chi Minh City Direction 18. Shop Huang Beef Noodles shop owner said that the op is open first. During the day, the restaurant sells to customers who order through the online delivery app and to the patrons who order via phone. After a few days of relaxation, more and more people came out onto the streets, so the number of tourists was quite good.

Ho Chi Minh City: weeks to weeks after a week of selling هرهرهرهرڙڙ ڙڙڙڙڙ ڙڙڙڙڙڙ هڪ نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين نئين فو نئين نئين نئين - - - نئين نئين - - - - Photo 1

To sell out, Cream Huang Beef Noodles Shop is open for 20 hours a day.

The staff here are “3 on-site”, every 3 days, staff do not test for a Covid Euro Cody 19, so it is not difficult. I wish the venue was offered on the occasion, ya, not me, but also many or many restaurants … I also want to be offered on the occasion because y because they are closed for so long ”, shared the owner. General Chat Chat Lounge

Ho Chi Minh City: ust selling shops selling yahoo for sale after 2 weeks or more than 1 week afterwards - photo 2

Noodles and vegetables have been prepared in sections so that when customers have a deductible, there is no need to wait too close to one to avoid infection.

At the Lu Viet Huong grilled chicken restaurant (Le Quang Dinh Street, Binh Thanh District), the owner said that at this time, the shop carries groceries. Earlier, there was no epidemic, the restaurant that served the customers was relatively crowded on the spot, now the crowded rail is now being sold to bring the number of customers and the ship is still busy.

Ho Chi Minh City: ust shop selling yhar sale new after 2 weeks or more generally - photo 3

The Grilled Chicken Restaurant operates consistently, stopping serving timeless customers

“However, the epidemic is still there, let’s set up the first one-on-one sale, when everything else, it’s OK, it’s allowed to sell at sell-out, my shop will be open to any customers. To serve on the service, “shop. Said.

The owner of the restaurant is anxiously waiting for the first order after about 3 months of quarantine.

In addition, on the road to Van Kepe, Nguyen Gia Tri, Phan Xich Long … In Binh Thanh District, many shops have been opened for trade but still adhere to the rules. Customers and employees keep proper distance for safety.

Ho Chi Minh City: ust selling shops selling yahoo on sale after 2 weeks or more after a new normal - Photo 4

Phan Xich Restaurant on Long Street is a constant number of customers and shifts but still adheres to the rules and ensures safety.

Ho Chi Minh City: ust shop selling yhar sale new after 2 weeks or more generally - photo 5

Fast food restaurants are still served today, not on site

Ho Chi Minh City: After 2 Weeks Once Upon A Time To Sell Yer Selling Shop New Normal - Photo 6

District 7 sells a coffee shop (HCMC)


Some cafes “ignore” the epidemic prevention regulations

Although Ho Chi Minh City is implementing Direction 18, which is up for grabs, there are still some shops in the city that “operate lights and run cars”. According to our records, some small cafes still allow customers to sit on the spot, customers do not wear masks when interacting with one another.

At a cafe on Nguyen Xi Street (Binh Thanh District), though there is a sign that only serves to deliver, there are customers still sitting at the grocery store.

Ho Chi Minh City: B running shop sell yahoo sales after 2 weeks or more after new normal - Photo 7

The cafe at Nguyen Xi Street (Binh Thanh District), although there is a sign that serves pickups, there are still customers sitting in the grocery store.


Likewise, there is also a Coffee Shop (Binhuan District) on Wu Hwy Third Street. Many customers are sitting at the spot, talking to each other without wearing masks at close distances.

Ho Chi Minh City: After 2 Weeks Once Upon A Time To Sell Yer Selling Shop New Normal - Photo 8

A cafe that still sells on the site though is not allowed

October 17: 3,193 coyote-19 cases, 1,059 recovered in widespread country | Ho Chi Minh City 1,059 cases

On October 14, Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee Chairman Phan Van Mai said the city would set up a JC catering business organization, which could be in District 7 or in a protected area.

It is expected that Ho Chi Minh City will re-open catering services (diners, restaurants, etc.) on site in the near future. The rules are operating at all 4 obesity levels (Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4) and ensure that the regulations are governed by the Ministry of Prevention and Health of the Clyde 19.

Business centers, supermarkets, traditional markets, restaurants and restaurants can operate on all 4 levels of the epidemic and are responsible for implementing responsibilities to prevent and control the epidemic, especially in the red zone. General Chat Chat Lounge Seller and buyer green time.

Likewise, restaurants and restaurants in the Red Zone in Minh City must also limit their activities, address epidemic prevention needs, and restrict people’s buying and green time.

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