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Weather 4 November: Cold air causes rain in the north, in the event of thunder, lightning, hail


Day and night, cold air still affects the northern and northern parts of the country that affect Central Midlands; northeast wind at continental level 2-3, coastal zone 3. In the northern provinces are cold, mountainous areas; the lowest temperature is 17-20 degrees, the mountains are 15-17 degrees north.

In the Bay of Beibu, the northeast wind rose to level 5, sometimes level 6, level 7; sea.

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Cold air causes rain to the north. Photo: VNA

Due to the influence of cold air, today in the north (November 08), rain in the north, scattered rain and some thunderstorms. From now on until November 9, the province of the north and central shores of the mist precipitates strong rain and thunderstorms. Thunderstorms, hailstorms and gusts may appear during the storm.

Moreover, due to the influence of interference on the eastern wind over the South Central Coast today, 08/11 slight precipitation, where there are heavy rains and thunderstorms.

Northwest: Cloudy with showers and thunderstorm; night has several places. Light wind. Morning and cold nights. Humidity 60-98%.
Lowest temperature: 17 – 20 degrees, sometimes below 17oC; Maximum temperature: 25 – 28oC

Northeast: Cloudy, light rain and scattered thunderstorms; after rain. Northeast wind 2-3, coastal stage 3. Cold weather, cold mountain. Moisture from 65-98%
Lowest temperature: 17-20 degrees, mountains 15-17 degrees, high mountains below 14oC; Maximum temperature: 23 – 26oC

Thanh Hoa – Thua Thien Hue: Light rain, mild rain, heavy rain and thunderstorms. Wind north to northwest level 2-3, coastal level 3. Windstorms, lightning and shocks are likely to occur in the storm. Northern mornings and cold nights. Moisture 65-98%; Lowest temperature: 20-23oC; Maximum temperature: 25 – 28oC

Da Nang do Binh Thuan: Light rain, mild rain, heavy rain and thunderstorms. Northeast wind 2-3. There may be storms, thunderstorms and fierce winds. Humidity 70-98%; Lowest temperature: 22-25 ° C; Maximum temperature: 27-30 ° C

Highlands: Light rain. Wind north to east. Moisture 60 to 97%; Lowest temperature: 19 – 22 ° C. Maximum temperature: 27-30 ° C

South Region: Partly cloudy with showers and thunderstorms in some places, with showers and scattered thunderstorms. Wind north to east. There may be storms, thunderstorms and fierce winds. Humidity 65-97%. Lowest temperature: 23 – 26 ° C; Maximum temperature: 29 – 32oC

Hanoi: Cloudy, rainy, showers and thunderstorms; after rain. Northeast wind 2-3. It's cold. Humidity 65-97; Lowest temperature: 18 – 20oC; Maximum temperature: 24 – 26oC

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