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Who in Vietnam wrote a letter "please" Ha Anh Tuan music tickets?


Wednesday, 07.11.2018 00:05 (GMT + 7)

The Vietnamese showbiz at 6.11 revolves around many exciting and interesting stories about the stars.

Phuong is a suspect of writing mail "asking" tickets for music, Ha Anh Tuan responds unexpectedly

24h HOT: Who wrote the Vietnam Post & Ha Anh Tuan Concert Tickets? - 1

Recently, Ha Anh Tuan has surprised many people by sending a special e-mail from an unnamed player in the Vietnamese team.

According to the content shared in the mail, this player is a favorite fan of Ha Anh Tuan. As the singer is about to hold a live concert in Da Lat, he wanted to see this guy, but he missed the opportunity to order tickets, to train his teammates and prepare for the upcoming AFF Cup tournament. .

Even though an e-mail advertisement, Ha Anh Tuan cleverly masked the real name of the player. Many people can guess the name of the player to write this post. The names are listed, of which the most notable is Phoenix.

Why is Congo "the most suspect" player? Invite readers HERE to learn.

The truth about Hoai Linh "no longer want to mention" adoptive child Hoai Lam

24h HOT: Who wrote the Vietnam Post & Ha Anh Tuan Concert Tickets? - 2

In mid-October 1818, the lead singer Hoai Lam announced the male singer who canceled the show in Da Nang and decided to interrupt singing until 2020.

Hoai Linh, who witnessed a slow career by Hoai Lam, said: "Hoai Lam is no longer in my hands, it's down or up, because he knows it or not, I told him but he did not listen to me. is young. "

Many people in the world told Hoai Linh angry that Hoài Lam did not look but the comics were talking.

Invite readers to learn more about how to share Huai Linh HERE.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc hot with bikini by the pool

24h HOT: Who wrote the Vietnam Post & Ha Anh Tuan Concert Tickets? - 3

Recently, hot photographic shoots of the hands of fine art have been discovered in the "very old ladies" section. The most significant is Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, when two sexy balls are presented for the first time in bikinis.

Lan Ngoc has completely robbed her to play the role of Ms. Q. female MC power of the Showbiz secret program (secret showbiz) beautiful, into. The figure of Mrs Q is an old woman who "grinds," but the goddess always radiates power.

Besides Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc, the beautiful orchestra of older women also performs a hot body.

Invite readers to watch the whole file HERE.

"Order Ho Pang" in debt, girls spend 350 million / shopping time

24h HOT: Who wrote the Vietnam Post & Ha Anh Tuan Concert Tickets? - 4

Li Bang is one of the most popular actors in China, emerging from the two major roles of Ho Pang in Guan Yu and Guo Jing in Radiant Hero. She is considered a loving father and sacrifices for her children. After many years of games in the market, the actor is in debt.

On the side of her daughter, Ly Bang, Yen, many are afraid that her father's debt will be affected. In fact, the 12-year-old girl who has been exposed to pupils every year still lives as the daughter of two leading stars in Chinese entertainment.

Click here to read more about the "terrible" expense of the daughter of Ly Bang at the time of her debt.

Viewers are upset because Quynh "doll" is a double forced game

24h HOT: Who wrote the Vietnam Post & Ha Anh Tuan Concert Tickets? - 5

In Episode 23, Virgo Quynh, the fate of female lead continues to fall into the tragedy. After being exhibited as a former "Girl Industry", Quynh (Phuong Oanh) was an old old goat going to the owner of the game of corruption.

Knowing Quyn's story, the old man deliberately came to ask for money on the house to settle the debt by claiming overnight. When Quynh refused and repeatedly drove out, she intended to force her.

Learn more HERE about the situation of Quynh "doll" a two-time-old man going bad game.

Sexy nurse made Trung Hieu love "fan" to watch, flowers for 8 consecutive days

24h HOT: Who wrote the Vietnam Post & Ha Anh Tuan Concert Tickets? - 6

Actress Quynh Lyra (Hoang Thi Quynh) is known to the audience when she takes on the role of a sexy sister in a "big leg" with the artist Trung Hieu.

Recently the actress will work in Saigon. Beauty said she was still returning between Hanoi and Saigon. Quynh Lyra returns to Hanoi after completing his work.

Invite readers to learn more about the full photo and sharing of actress Quynh Lyra HERE.

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