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Amazon Crossover Trial, DC Fandom 2021


The Wonder Woman and her Amazons are standing on the ground with their weapons ready.

Image* DC Comics / Jane Bartle

Just as important wonder Woman Obviously to DC’s brand, that’s Rowe Fresh That he was really allowed to get the attention that his fellow Trinity members Batman And Superman is the. They both get their own huge line of cross-overs Events happen every year, but Diana hasn’t come to her own since the early 1990’s. Thankfully, that is about to change in 2022 The Amazonian trial.

The next crossover was announced in DC Fandom and “a power struggle that will redefine the future of DC’s Amazon.” In the comics, fighters’ islands have undergone many changes of late. Diana is flying around different lives in the hope that each one of the jumpers will be a home. He recently made it home, and meInstead, his mother has taken on the new Wonder Woman of the Hippolyta Justice League, while Nubia remains the new queen of Dimissacra. All three women will play a significant role in the ceremony, together with the Artists and The current Wonder Girl (and finally) wonder Woman) Wound floor.

Trial Existing Wonder Woman books will be authored by: Bucky Clownan and Michael Conrad, main book helmers; Stephanie Williams and Vita Ayala, opening next week Nubia and the Amazons Mini series; Joel Jones, author Wonder Girl Sale And Wonder Woman: The Adventures of Diana Jordi Blair. The basis for the crossover will be established ۾ نوبيا Before that next year, next year.

Indeed, Trial Bill was portrayed as something that will change the future for this corner of the DC universe, but it’s nice to see Diana and her support cast brought to the fore. As the 80th anniversary of the Wannell Celebration role, hopefully it will stay on the hype and open up new stories with these characters. Who knows, maybe it’ll bring us one step closer to an event Video game.

Wonder Woman: The Amazon Trial Starts in 2022.

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