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Amazon Fire HD 10 Review (2017): 10-inch Alexa hands-free tablet


10in Fire is the latest Amazon tablet to get the update in 2017, but ultimately the smallest does not mean it. Changes are much more important than the £ 49.99 model.

Now you get a full screen with high resolution, significantly faster processor, more RAM, better speakers and hands-free Alexa.

If your only experience with Alexa was on a device where you have to press the button before you can talk, then the difference in comfort is enormous. Even if the tablet is locked, you can still say "Alex, add the dishwashing liquid to the shopping list."

Amazon Fire HD 10: Price

Black Friday: Fire HD 10 is just 99 pounds on sale Amazon UK, with the Kids Edition at £ 149.

Fire HD 10 starts at £ 149.99 to get 32 ​​GB of storage space with the ability to add up to 256 GB more with the microSD card. You will have to pay an additional amount when ordering if you do not want to advertise books, apps and screen lock movies, but that applies to all Amazon tablets.

There is a 64GB version that costs £ 179.99 and both are available in black, red and blue. For some reason, there is no yellow option, as with other sizes.

He is now devoted Kids Edition and we have assessed it separately.

Amazon Fire HD 10: Features and Design

Design tablet 2017 looks similar to its predecessor. It is a few millimeters thicker and 68 grams heavier, which is not ideal, but most people will be happy with the next two hours of battery life.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

When holding up, the power button is at the top right and the left volume at the top with the speakers on the left.

But there they are, so they give you a decent stereo sound for watching videos and playing games in landscape mode. Amazon says they are tuned to Dolby, but although the vocals come loud and clear, there is still a clear lack of bass, so you prefer headphones or a better speaker (perhaps via Bluetooth) to listen to music. A standard earphone connector is also available.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

The unthinkable plastic construction could turn a bit off, but HD 10 does not even know it. If you do not like it, hold it in the trunk and the plastic runs out.

Although the Fire Tab screens are decent for some time, this is obviously the best. Full HD resolution means it is sharper and more detailed than any other Fire Tablet, it has great color and wide viewing angle. If there is any weakness, it is not very clear, but in most situations it is perfectly fine.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017


You can not expect an iPad of 149 pounds, but the HD 10 is good for normal use. The quad-core processor is 30 percent faster than last year's model, but better comparison with Fire HD 7 is just to illustrate it's not just the same internal and larger screen.

Fire HD 7 is underlined, but HD 10 is not bad at all. Geekbench 3 (the latest version available on Amazon Appstore) reaches 2509 points. It is more than twice as fast as HD 7, which only gained 1170.

These scores are all four cores. There are not all the applications that are being done, and when the application uses only one kernel, HD 10 feels much faster than 7. In one Geekbench 3 test, the 1503 score (higher than the multi-core HD 7) and 7 is a small 360.

Graphic ability is not so great. Running GFXBench showed that HD 10 can not even manage 30 frames per second in the old T-Rex test (that is, 21fps) and dropped below 5 frames per second in the Manhattan 3.1 test.

This means you will not see stunning graphics in the most challenging games. However, there is more than enough energy for occasional games such as Jetpack Joyride and Monument Valley.

Overall, performance at a fair price – just do not expect a delicious and carefree experience to get with the latest flagship tablets.

Battery life is in line with Amazon's 10-hour mixed use, and it takes about 3.5 hours to charge from the empty space using the supplied 9W charger.


Bizarrely, Amazon lowered the cameras. So while the last tablet had a 5Mp camera, it's now a 2Mp camera. And on the front you get to the camera with a VGA camera with 0.3Mp resolution.

In addition to white quality, they are in close proximity and have a very narrow field of view. That's just how much St Pancras fits into the frame – most of the cameras have a lens that allows the whole object to fit.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

As with the autofocus camera – you will have to be back again, which you think of a Skype call. Here is what you can expect in terms of the quality of selfie:

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017


Alexa is constantly improving and Fire HD 10 can do useful things like opening applications, searching for videos, changing volume, and playing music.

However, unlike Google's assistant, she is not great at answering more general questions, such as "Do you enjoy England for the World Cup this year?" It's also a shame he can not adjust the screen brightness on the tablet or the volume.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

There's a lot she can do but helps know what she can and can not do and how best to phrase the questions. It's easy to control video playback, including skipping forward or backward for a few seconds or minutes, or jumping to a specific point with "Alexa, skip to 23 minutes."

And like the Echo, you can adjust the volume by saying "Alexa, volume six". However, we recorded a somewhat longer delay in responding to requests than in Echo.

It could only have been an unsatisfactory connection to the internet, but it just points out that there is a need for some screen or spoken speech that tells you that it deals with your request instead of continuing to show the blue lane "I'm listening" to the bottom screen.

It's useful to be able to enable or disable Alexa when the tablet is locked, and we like the control that is displayed when you drag it down from the top of the screen – useful if you want to quickly turn Alex off to stop listening. awakening of the word.

With a big screen it's also nice that Alexa will respond to some requirements with full-screen "cards". When you ask about the weather, for example, you will see a prognosis on the screen for the next week. For some reason, they showed the Fahrenheit temperature on our tablet, although Alex's talk was in Celcius.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

We'd like to see a range of sports outcomes that have spread, as the only specific things you can ask about are soccer and cricket.

If you like, you can even use Alex to buy things from Amazon, just like you can with Echo. And – useful – you can ask for a spoken password that prevents others from ordering things.


Fire OS, which is based on Android 5.1.1, is getting better. HD 10, of course, uses the latest version of Fire OS and can now do things like app recovery and home screen layout from the previous Fire Fire.

It also automatically sets user accounts to match your Amazon account, which means that all purchased content will be displayed after login.

Replacing the "Recent" screen is "For you". This is a basically improved screen Recently, where you'll see recently used apps, app suggestions, and the ability to restore mid-way videos.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

The entire system is designed to make it easy to consume content – after all, Amazon wants to buy or rent videos from the Prime Video service, read books from your Kindle store and download apps and games from Amazon Appstore.

Whenever Alex does not understand the question, either open a web browser on the Bing search page for your query, or – just as often – ignite the Amazon store and display items you could buy.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Review 2017

There are versions of third-party YouTube, but because it's not really an Android device, you will not find any of the official Google apps, nor can they download and install them. Instead, you will need to use (and sometimes purchase) applications to access Gmail and other Google services or use Amazon equivalents.

A lot of big names are on Appstore, including Netflix, iPlayer, Sky Go, Facebook, Messenger, Viber and others, but some are not, like Whatsapp, Nest and Photoshop.

Should I Buy Fire HD 10?

There are two ways to look at HD 10. One is that it is 70 pounds more expensive than HD 8, which costs only £ 79.99.

Surely the tablet does not have a hands-free Alexa or full-HD screen, but you can almost buy two at the price of one HD 10.

The second is that it's a good value for 10-inch tablets with full HD display and Alex-hands-free. It's hard to think about another 10 tablets at this price, which offers a decent screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

And if you're worried that Amazon could add Alexa hands-free to its cheaper tablets, it's unlikely to happen. They do not have the same processing power as HD 10, which has been specially enhanced to allow owners to call an assistant.

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