Thursday , June 30 2022

Apple AirPods 2 Subject to Bluetooth Certification, Releasing Immediately?


Apple probably did not expect its expected AirPods to recover on the October iPad For events, but there is evidence to suggest they are too soon.

Apple AirPods 2 is currently undergoing Bluetooth SIG certification and comes with a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, according to a online statement form.

Bluetooth.comApple Airpods 2 subject to Bluetooth Release Imminent image 2 certification

Given the A2031 and A2032 model numbers, the certification process is usually a good sign that the device is imminent. One, approved by the Bluetooth SIG, will be the headset that is suitable for use by consumers (wireless, at least).

In addition, it appears that separate trademarks have revealed a possible new function of updated AirPods. Filters in Europe and Hong Kong indicate that AirPods 2 may contain their own health sensors.

The submission was approved for Apple AirPods and includes: "General wellness tools, namely health, fitness, exercise and wellness sensors," says MySmartPrice.

"These are also monitors, speakers, and displays for measuring, imaging, monitoring, reporting, tracking, storing and transmitting biometric data, heart rate, body movement and burned calories."

Apple is already using fitness and health monitoring and working together with healthcare integration on the iPhone. But not everyone has my watch and extending my reach to other Apple devices makes sense.

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